TOP-7 books from billionaires

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To build a profitable business from scratch, you need to have certain skills. We have compiled a list of business books from which you can learn how the largest companies in the world were created. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and other billionaires share their success stories and years of experience in business in these literary works. Forbes has selected the most interesting books from the list, most of which have been translated into various languages.

Anthony Robbins: “Money: Master the game”

American writer, entrepreneur, inspiration speaker and business coach with a controversial reputation on the topic of self-development. Author of bestselling life coaching books. He is also widely known in the United States and other countries for his audio programs on personal development and motivational workshops. The book can be downloaded here for free.

Richard Branson: “My rules. Listen, learn, laugh and be a leader “

No. 478 in the Forbes-2019 rating, fortune – $ 4.4 billion

Richard Branson admits that he has not read a single book on leadership in his life, but he himself has written a dozen of them. Each is based on the personal, nearly 50 years of business experience of the founder of the Virgin Group.

In the book “My Rules. Listen, learn, laugh and be a leader. ”Branson talks a lot about the importance of listening to outside opinions and choosing the right employees. Examples include more than just success stories: Branson, for example, details his failure to launch Virgin Cola in the 1990s.

Howard Schultz: “Full speed ahead! How Howard Schultz Got Starbucks Soul Back “

No. 617 in the Forbes-2019 rating, fortune – $ 3.5 billion

Howard Schultz stepped down as CEO of Starbucks in 2000, but returned to senior management in 2008, at a time when the company was going through a severe financial crisis. In his book, Schultz shares the secrets of how he managed to bring the coffee giant back to life.

To be successful, the top executive had to take a radical step – closing more than 7,000 Starbucks outlets in the United States. The unpopular measure was needed to help the network grow without neglecting core values, the author explains.

The book is ideal for those who want to learn not to panic and make strategically correct decisions in a critical situation.

Stephen Schwartzman: What It Needs: Lessons in Pursuit of Excellence
No. 100 in the ranking of Forbes-2019, fortune – $ 13.2 billion

In his book, billionaire Stephen Schwartzman tells the story of the creation of the investment company Blackstone, which as of January 2019 managed more than $ 500 billion in assets, while Schwarzman’s start-up capital was only $ 400,000.

In his memoirs, the businessman recalls the brightest deals, shares the principles of investing, talks about leadership, the phenomenon of entrepreneurship and charity, in which he actively participates.

Mark Cuban: “How to Win in a Sport Called Business”

No. 478 in the Forbes-2019 rating, fortune – $ 4.1 billion

The owner of the Texas basketball club Dallas Mavericks, the chain of independent cinemas Landmark Theaters, the CEO of the cable and satellite TV networks HDNet and HDTV, Mark Cuban has compiled a book of the best business ideas, which he published on his personal blog. Along the way, he frankly shares stories about how, in his 20s, he arranged stormy parties with friends, and describes the transformation from a difficult teenager to the owner of a successful company, and then a billionaire from the Forbes rating. The main secret of Cuban success is persistence.

Warren Buffett: “Essays on Investment, Corporate Finance and Company Management”

No. 3 in the Forbes-2019 rating, fortune – $ 82.5 billion

The 86-year-old chairman and CEO of the holding company Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, is one of the most influential and successful investors in history. Essays on Investment, Corporate Finance and Company Management is a compilation of excerpts from the businessman’s correspondence with Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Each letter contains an answer to an important business question that entrepreneurs inevitably face when building a global business. The billionaire has his own multi-component philosophy, which he describes in an accessible language in the book, often resorting to the help of personal experience.

Bill Gates: “Business at the Speed ​​of Thought”

2 in the Forbes-2019 rating, net worth – $ 96.5 billion

The man who owns capital under $ 100 billion, in his book, talks not about the secrets of working with people correctly or pumping leadership skills. Gates talks about the inextricable link between business and technology – it is this aspect of the development of modern society that seems to the billionaire the most important.

Drawing on examples from the history of Microsoft and General Motors, Gates notes how companies can use technology to improve their business. Even though the book was first published back in 1999, many of Gates’ ideas are still accurate and relevant today.

Michael Bloomberg: “Bloomberg on Bloomberg”

No. 9 in the Forbes-2019 rating, fortune – $ 55.5 billion

Michael Bloomberg’s autobiography was published in 1997, five years before he became mayor of New York. In the book, the billionaire talks about how he built his media empire and describes the key moments of his career. In particular, he talks about how he achieved success in the investment bank Salomon Brothers, and then went through a painful dismissal and used part of the severance pay to create a company that is now known all over the world under the “personal” brand Bloomberg.