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The Darker Side by Cody McFaden

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Full of horrific violence, this solid third thriller to feature scarred FBI agent Smoky Barrett (after The Face of Death) shows that McFadyen knows how to shock. When the FBI director calls Smoky to Washington, D.C., to inspect the body of a beautiful young woman stabbed to death aboard an airplane, Smoky can`t figure out why she`s been assigned a case so far outside her L.A. jurisdiction. But when Smoky learns that not only was the victim, Lisa Reid, the child of a powerful Democratic senator but also that she was a pre-op transsexual, Smoky realizes that this is more than a bizarre homicide. Smoky and her team soon get on the trail of the man they dub the Preacher, a sin collector who murders people to obtain their darkest secrets. Harboring secrets of her own, Smoky must stay one step ahead of the killer if she`s to bring him down. The forays into the victims` minds to expose their secrets are unnecessary, but the formidable Smoky makes up for the occasional plot tangent.

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Cody McFaden

A book by Cody McFaden

Cody McFadyen (English Cody McFadyen ) American writer. Cody McFaden was born in Texas in 1968. He worked as a website developer before his first novel, Shadow Man , was sold in 2005. Then the second book was published - "Death Coil" (The Face of Death, 2007). Both novels have become international bestsellers. In total, 4 books have been published about the investigations of FBI agent Smokey Barrett and her team. Lives in Southern California with two black Labradors, Lucky and Sable, often referred to as the "black forces of destruction." He drinks coffee (copiously), plays the guitar (poorly), and reads (avidly). He abhors adverbs in writing, unless he uses them in short autobiographies like this one. The writer`s site is  Bibliography Series Smoky Barrett - Smoky Barrett 2006 - 1.

Shadow Man - Man from the Shadow 2007 - 2.

The Face of Death - Death Coil 2008 - 3.

The Darker Side 2009 - 4.


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