The Return of the Discontinued Man Book

The Return of the Discontinued Man by Mark Hodder

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Burton and Swinburne return in a new wildly imaginative steampunk adventure, and this time they’re facing their greatest foe… Leicester Square, London. Blood red snow falls from the sky and a strange creature, disorientated and apparently insane, materialises out of thin air. Spring Heeled Jack has returned, and he is intent on one thing: hunting Sir Richard Francis Burton. Burton is experiencing one hallucination after another; visions of parallel realities and future history plague his every thought. These send him, and his companions, on an unimaginable expedition – a voyage through time itself…

358 pages, published in
Mark Hodder

A book by Mark Hodder

Mark Hodder is the developer and administrator of BLAKIANA (, a site created to revive the popularity of British detective Sexton Blake. In terms of the number of publications in English-language literature, Sexton Blake is the absolute leader among detective heroes (it is believed that he holds the second place in the number of books written about one hero in English). On this site, Mark, as a writer, had his teeth cut through, for forty (!) Years he came up with new stories about Sexton Blake. A former BBC writer, editor and web designer, Mark has worked in every possible media outlet. He worked most of his life in London until 2008, when he moved to Valencia, Spain, in search of peace, now teaching English and writing. Mark has a degree in cultural studies and loves history, illusion, gadgets, cult TV, Tom Waits, and various eccentricities.

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