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Cyclopedia of Puzzles by Sam Loyd

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Лойд был большим энтузиастом танграма и опубликовал книгу, полностью посвящённую этой игре: Sam Loyd’s Book of Tangram Puzzles (ISBN 0-486-22011-7). Лойд также утверждал, что является изобретателем игры пятнашки, однако сейчас автором пятнашек считается Ной Чепмэн. Книга Энциклопедия головоломок (англ. Sam Loyd`s Cyclopedia of 5000 Puzzles, Tricks and Conundrums with Answers) была опубликована в 1914 году, уже после смерти Лойда, его сыном Уолтером, который сменил имя на Сэм.

194 pages, published in
Sam Loyd

A book by Sam Loyd

Samuel (Sam) Loyd (eng.

Samuel Loyd, January 31, 1841, Philadelphia - April 10, 1911, New York) - American chess player, chess composer and author of puzzles. The game "15" is mistakenly attributed to Loyd`s authorship. Loyd was born into the family of a real estate agent. When Sam was three years old, the family moved to New York. Loyd quickly learned to play chess and from the age of fourteen he began to compose and publish chess problems in newspapers. At sixteen, Loyd became Problems Editor for the monthly The Chess Monthly, co-edited by the great chess player Paul Morphy. After school, he realized that making problems and puzzles can be a major source of livelihood. In 1871, Loyd invented a cardboard puzzle, which he sold to legendary American entrepreneur Barnum for ten thousand dollars. In the future, his puzzles were a huge success. In 1878 Loyd published the book Chess Strategy, which included 500 of his problems. In 1907-1910, Loyd published Our Puzzle Magazine, in which he published his problems. Loyd was a big tangram enthusiast and published a book entirely devoted to this game: Sam Loyd`s Book of Tangram Puzzles.

Loyd also claimed to be the inventor of the game "Fifteen", but Noah Chapman is now considered the author of the tag. The book Encyclopedia of Puzzles was published in 1914, after Loyd`s death, by his son Walter, who changed his name to Sam.  Wikipedia

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