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Song of Kali by Dan Simmons

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Dan Simmons

A book by Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons $$ author-portrait-11523-dan-simmons1.jpg $$ Country: USA Born: 04/04/1948 Biography : $$ author-portrait-11523-dan- simmons0.jpg $$ Dan Simmons was born in Peoria, Illinois on April 4, 1948. He grew up in small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which then became the prototype of Ilm Haven, invented by him, from his novels Summer of Night (1991) and Fierce Winter (2002). $$ author-portrait-11523-dan-simmons01.jpg $$ In 1970, Dan received his MA in English from Wabash College, along the way winning the Phi Beta Kappa National Award for Achievement in Fiction, Journalism and the Arts in his final year. Dan became a professional teacher in 1971 at the Washington University of St.

Louis. Then he taught for 18 years - 2 years in Missouri, 2 years in Buffalo, New York, one year as a senior educator and another as a sixth grade teacher, after which he taught in Colorado for 14 years. $$ author-portrait-11523-dan-simmons2.jpg $$ For the next four years, Simmons the teacher was one of the organizers, coordinators and teachers of APEX - an extensive special program for the identification and development of abilities in especially gifted children, which included 19 primary schools and about 15,000 potential students.

During these years, he managed to win the Colorado Education Association award, and also reached the final of the "Colorado Teacher of the Year" competition. In addition, he was the national consultant for English theory, taught the Good Writing course, and had his own class. Simmons` 11 and 12-year-old students in 6th grade were children who had heightened writing abilities. By the way, in one of the interviews he said that it was there that he told the children the story of Hyperion every day, for six months, and they, in turn, helped him with identifying errors and inaccuracies in the intricacies of this novel. Therefore, whenever someone says that "writing is impossible to teach," Dan claims the opposite and cites his successful experience to prove it. Even after becoming a professional writer, Dan always lovingly attended his college, writing class, taught writing in New Hampshire in adult courses, and hosted his own Windwalker Writers symposium. Dan`s first story, The River Styx Flows Backwards, was born on February 15, 1982, the very day his daughter, Jane Catherine, was born. Therefore, in the future, according to him, he always felt the same close connection between his literature and his life. Simmons became a professional writer in 1987 when he settled at the Front Range in Colorado - the same city where he taught for 14 years - along with his wife, Karen, his daughter, Jane, (when she returns home from Hamilton College), and their dog, Fergie, a rare Russian Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

He writes mainly in Windwalker, their mountain estate, in a small house at 8,400 feet in the Rocky Mountains near the National Park. The 8-foot sculpture of the Shrike - a spiky, frightening character from four novels about Hyperion and Endymion - which was made by his former student and now friend, Clee Richison, now stands nearby and guards the cabin. Dan is one of the few writers who writes in almost all genres of literature - fantasy, epic science fiction, horror, suspense, history books, detective stories and the mainstream. His works have been published in 27 countries. $$ author-portrait-11523-dan-simmons3.jpg $$ Many of Simmons` novels may be filmed in the near future, and now he is already negotiating a film adaptation of Ham`s Bell, Darwin`s Razors, four Hyperion novels, of the story "The River Styx flows backwards". He also wrote the original script based on his novel "Gravity Phases", created two television plays for the low-budget series "Monsters" and an adaptation of the script based on the novel "Children of the Night" in collaboration with European director Robert Siegle, with whom he hopes to film his other novel.

- "Fierce Winter". And the first film from the Ilion / Olympus pair was generally scheduled for release in 2005. $$ author-portrait-11523-dan-simmons4.jpg $$ In 1995, Dan`s alma mater, Wabash College, awarded him an honorary doctorate for his contributions to education and literature. $$ dansimmons5.jpg $$ © Official site:

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