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Roger Zelazny (English Roger Joseph Zelazny ; in some Russian translations also Zelazny or Zelazny, born May 13, 1937, Euclid, Ohio, USA - d.

June 14 1995, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA) is an American writer. Roger Joseph Zelazny was born on May 13, 1937 in Euclid (Ohio) in the family of Joseph Zelazny of Pole and Josephine Sweet Zelazny of Irish (Żelazny means "iron" in Polish). At the age of ten, Roger wrote fairy tales. In 1955 he graduated from high school and entered the Department of Psychology at Cleveland University Western Reserve. He changed his specialty, moving to the Department of English Literature from the Faculty of Psychology. Two years later, he passed his bachelor`s degree and moved to Columbia University (New York State). In 1962 he received a master`s degree from Columbia University with a degree in Elizabethan and Jacobian drama. During his studies, Zelazny was engaged in judo and martial arts, wrote and published poetry, wrote, but did not publish fantastic stories, learned to play chess, studied Hindi and Japanese, became interested in meditation and mysticism. In late 1960 he joined the National Guard, served in Texas for six months. From 1963 to 1966 - was a reservist in the US Army. At one time he was a member of the combat crew of the Nika missiles, and spent the last years of his service in the psychological warfare unit, from where he was honorably discharged into the reserve. In 1962, Amazing Stories magazine published his first story, The Game of Passions. He received his first Hugo Prize for the story A Rose for Ecclesiastes (1963), and in 1965 he was completely successful - another Hugo Prize and two Nebula. He married Sharon Steberl in 1964 and divorced in 1966.

After the National Guard, he worked for the social security system. In 1965, he was transferred to the service in Baltimore, Maryland, while in 1967-68, he was the secretary-treasurer of the Science Fiction Writers Association. In Baltimore, he met Judith Alene Callahan, whom he married on August 20, 1966, and who bore him three children - sons Devin (1971) and Jonathan Trent (1976), as well as daughter Shannon (1979). In 1968, on the advice of Robert Silverberg, Roger Zelazny gets himself a literary agent. In 1969 he retired from public service and became a professional writer. In 1975, he decides to move with his family from Baltimore to Santa Fe (New Mexico). It is known that Zelazny divorced his wife before his death and lived for some time with Jane Lindsold, with whom he wrote several novels. In Santa Fe, Roger Zelazny wrote most of his books, earned a black belt in aikido, raised his children, and worked as a “reader” of science fiction stories on radio. On the account of R.

Zelazny there are about 20 novels and four collections of stories. He received the Hugo Award six times, the Nebula Award three times, the French Apollo Award once, and the Locus magazine award for the Chronicle of Amber. He has written several works in collaboration with Philip Dick, Fred Saberhagen, Thomas T.

Thomas and Robert Sheckley. Died June 14, 1995 at the St.

Vicente Hospital in Santa Fe from kidney failure caused by colon cancer.  Bibliography Zelazny`s Books: The Chronicles of Amber (1970-1991) A Bridge From Ashes (1976) Changed (1980) Enchanted Land (1981) Creations of Light, Creations of Darkness (1969) Valley of Damnation (1969) Dark Journey (1987) ) Dilwish the Damned (1982) Master of Dreams (1966) The Doors of His Face, the Lights of His Lips (1971) The Doors in the Sand (1976) The Eye of the Cat (1982) Four for Tomorrow (1967) Frost and Fire (1989) Dragons Come Here (1992) Isle of the Dead (1969) Jack of the Shadow (1971) Last Defender of Camelot (1980) Lord of Light (1967) Obsessed with Magic (1981) My Name is Legion (1976) Night in Dreary October (1993) Road Signs (1979) This Immortal (1966) Die in Italbar (1973) We Choose Faces Today (1973) Unicorn Option (1983) Way up high (1992) Co-written: Black Throne (with Fred Sebarghagen) (1990) Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (with Robert Sheckley) (1991) ) Coils (with Fred Sebarghagen) (1980) God of Wrath (with Philip Dick) (1976) One Demon`s Theater (with Robert Sheckley) (1995) Flash (with Tom ace T.

Thomas) (1992) If you cannot succeed as Faust (with Robert Sheckley) (1993) Mask of Loki (with Thomas T.

Thomas) (1992) Psycho-shop (with Alfred Bester) (1998) Ring of King Solomon (with Gerald Hausman) (1963) Links http://www.roger-zelazny.com/ http://www.rzelazny.ru/

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