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Hot Night in the City by Trevanian

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Wide-ranging in setting and tone, yet linked by their sense of irony and reverence for the past, these 13 short stories reflect in miniature the pseudonymous Trevanian`s chameleonic career as a genre-defying author of popular fiction (Shibumi; Incident at Twenty-Mile). Most of the tales take place in pre- and post-WWII urban environments, most notably the title story, which features a lonely girl dressed up like June Allyson and a gentlemanly stalker who imitates Jimmy Stewart and W.C. Fields. Trevanian tells the story twice, the first version introducing the volume, the second ending it; each has a different denouement, but both are tragic. A similar period mustiness permeates "Snatch Off Your Cap, Kid!"Aan ode to the tramps and hobos of bygone days; "After Hours at Rick`s," an evocation of the timeless, edgy ennui of last call at a pick-up bar; and "The Sacking of Miss Plimsoll," the story of an unusual relationship between a bestselling author and his literary secretary. Basque country serves as the backdrop for two of Trevanian`s tales: a young couple come together in a light romantic farce entitled "The Engine of Fate," and a village idiot improves his lot in life by pretending that he has a fortune to bequeath in "That Fox-of-a-Be?at." The author ventures even farther afield with "Easter Story," set in ancient Rome and detailing Pontius Pilate`s first meeting with Jesus, and with a retelling of the wise and witty Onondaga creation parable "How the Animals Got Their Voices." Though he employs a number of hoary devices to achieve his effects, Trevanian can be an engaging storyteller, with a knack for getting inside his characters` heads.

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A book by Trevanian

Trevanian ( Trevanian ) 1931-2005 Pseudonym Rod Whitaker (Whitaker, full name - Rodney William Whitaker ) ... Other pseudonyms are Nicholas Seare (Nicholas Seare) and Benat Le Cagot . Whitaker was born on June 12, 1931 in Granville, New York. After earning his Ph.D.

in communications, he worked as a professor at the University of Texas. In 1972, the novel The Eiger Sanction was published about the adventures of the assassin Jonathan Hemlock, who hunted in between operations teaching at the university. A year later, the sequel, The Loo Sanction, was released. After five novels, the most famous of which is Shibumi, there is a 15-year hiatus. In 1998, to the delight of fans, the release of the new novel "Incident at Twenty-Mile" begins the second period of Trevagnan`s work, which ended with his death. For many years, Whitaker avoided interviews and carefully guarded the privacy of his authorship. Rod Whitaker also published works under his own name (non-fiction and popular science) and under the pseudonyms Nicholas Seare and Benat Le Cagot (books in various genres). He died on 14 December 2005 in England from chronic lung disease at the age of 74.  Detective. Declaration of love , writer`s site , Wikipedia ,.  Bibliography Under the pseudonym Trevanian 1972 - The Eiger Sanction - Eiger Sanction 1973 - The Loo Sanction - Lou Sanction 1976 - The Main 1978 - Switching (story) 1979 - Shibumi - Shibumi 1983 - The Summer of Katya 1984 - The Secrets of Miss Plimsoll, Private Secretary (stories) 1998 - Incident at Twenty-Mile 2000 - Hot Night in the City (stories) 2003 - Waking to the Spirit Clock (story) 2005 - The Crazyladies of Pearl Street Like Rod Whitakew 1959 - Eve of the Bursting 1966 - Christ on Stage 1968 - Conversation: On translating Senecan tragedy into film by James Hynd (an interview with Rod Whitaker) 1968 - Stasis. Script to a film by Rod Whitaker and Richard Kooris 1970 - The Language of Film 1972 - The Lawyer Under the pseudonym Nicholas Seare 1975 - 1339 ...

or so: being an apology for a pedlar 1983 - Rude Tales And Glorious Under the pseudonym Benat Le Cagot 1979 - Minutes of a Village Meeting 1984 - That Fox-of-a-Benat

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