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The Vondish Ambassador by Lawrence Watt-Evans

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Lawrence Watt-Evans

A book by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Lawrence Watt-Evans ( Lawrence Watt-Evans ) Country: USA Born: 1954-07-26 Aliases: [b ] Nathan Archer (Nathan Archer) Biography: Lawrence Watt-Evans was born in 1954 on a farm in Massachusetts. He was the fourth child of his parents (they had six children in total). His parents were avid readers, and Watt-Evans made his first attempts at writing science fiction at the age of eight. Lawrence`s schoolteacher noticed his work and told the boy that he might one day become a writer. “This idea struck me as the most beautiful thing I have ever heard,” recalls Watt-Evans. The writer`s first published short story was Paranoid Fantasy # 1, published in the August 1975 issue of American Atheist. In 1984, this debut story of the writer was included in the anthology "100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories", one of the compilers of which was Isaac Asimov himself. After leaving school, Watt-Evans decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents, enrolling at Princeton University. After a while, he took a break from his studies, working in a ladder factory, a supermarket, a restaurant and a traveling salesman. All this time he tried to write and publish, but to no avail. After some time, he finally left his studies - in 1980 he managed to publish the novel "The Lure of the Basilisk", which became the beginning of the four-volume cycle "Lords of Dus". Since then, Lawrence Watt-Evans has been a professional fantasy writer. Lawrence Watt-Evans lives in Maryland, he is married with two children. One of his favorite writers, he calls Terry Pratchett, noting that it largely depends on the mood, and in general he reads not only fantasy and science fiction, but also mysticism, historical novels and "sea" stories. He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors of America, co-owner of a small bar and restaurant, and a comic book store; 1994-1996 President of the Horror Writers` Association, won the 1988 Hugo Award for Why I Left Harry`s All-Night Hamburgers, taught in several writing workshops and published two author`s collections: "Crosstime Traffic" (1992) and "Celestial Debris" (2002). © [url = http: //] Shop of Worlds [/ url] Official site: [url = http: //] [/ url]

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