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The aim of this text is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the concepts, techniquesand best practice to support all the digital marketing processes. This text is based on emerging academic models together with best practice from leading adopters of digital media. The practical knowledge developed through reviewing these concepts and bestpractice is intended to enable graduates entering employment and marketing professionals to exploit the opportunities of digital marketing while minimising the risks

679 pages, published in 2016

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The development of the Internet, World Wide Web and other digital technologies havetransformed marketing. For consumers, they give a much wider choice of products, servicesand prices from different suppliers and a more convenient way to select and purchase items.There is also a choice of technology platforms from desktops and laptops to smartphoneand tablet devices for consumers to use. For organisations, digital media and new technol-ogy platforms give the opportunity to expand into new markets, offer new services, applynew online communications techniques and compete on a more equal footing with largerbusinesses. For those working within these organisations it gives the opportunity to developnew skills and to use these new tools to improve the competitiveness of the company.At the same time, the Internet and related digital technology platforms give rise to manythreats to organisations. For example, online companies such as
 (books and retail), iTunes (music) and Expedia (travel) have captured a sig-nificant part of their market and struck fear into the existing players. Many consumersnow regularly use social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter as partof their daily lives. Engaging these consumers is an ongoing challenge, but as we will see,companies like ASOS have taken advantage of these opportunities to interact with custom-ers and this has helped them develop as a worldwide brand.