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They meet up for one week every year: Helen, Cora, Vivian, Finley and Abilene - five former co-eds in search of thrills and adventure. Just like they enjoyed together at college. This time it`s Helen`s choice. Helen, the fat girl with a taste for horror, the brainy one with a fear of being caught alone in the shower by an unknown assailant with a sharp knife and a thirst for blood…

For this year`s reunion, Helen has picked The Totem Pole Lodge, a deserted hotel in the backwoods with a sinister past. She`s looking forward to the moment when she`ll tell the others the gory details. But that`s before night falls and the girls find the Lodge is not as deserted as they thought. And before Helen goes into the shower. Alone.


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In the early 1990s, as the horror market bottomed in the U.S., several established American authors, including Laymon (To Wake the Dead, etc.), were unable to find domestic publishers for their work. Laymon continued to hit bestseller lists overseas during this period, though, and this is one of the novels he wrote during that time. Like so much of his mid-career work, it`s a middling effort, and it`s also a mixed bag-nearly literally, as it offers a present-day scenario interspersed with flashbacks that are, in effect, standalone short stories. In the present, five young alumni of Belmore University are on their annual get-together; this year, the choice of what to do has fallen to Helen, a horror buff, who arranges for the group to camp out at a deserted backwoods lodge where guests were slaughtered by locals several years back. In time, the group encounter various townsfolk, including a witch, whom they must fight for their lives, resulting in a characteristic Laymon bloodbath. The action here is fast but predictable. Of greater interest are the flashbacks, showing first how the gang got together, then detailing their various exploits-taking revenge on some frat guys by setting fire to their house, on a cruel dean by trashing her office, on a nasty homeowner on Halloween by destroying his living room; seducing a young male surfer during a foggy nighttime trip along the California coast, etc. It`s in these scenes that Laymon displays some, but not much, of the surreal nightmarish sensibility that hallmarked his great later work (The Traveling Vampire Show, etc.). Overall, then, this is brisk but routine entertainment from the controversial author, who died in 2001.

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Richard Laymon (January 14, 1947 - February 14, 2001) was born in Chicago, Illinois, but his family moved to California in the early sixties. He earned a BA in Literature from Willamette University in Oregon and an MA in Literature from Loyola University in Los Angeles. He worked as a teacher, librarian and journalist in a small firm. Most of Lymon`s work is in the horror genre, Richard was called "Stephen King without a conscience" and the writer "who could teach Bret Easton Ellis a couple of tricks how to hook the reader with disgusting characters who do terrible things." He wrote more than sixty stories and thirty novels, some of which were published only after his death. Lymon`s first novel - "The Cellar" - was published in 1980 and became a major event in literature. More than four hundred thousand copies of this novel have been sold, coming off the bestseller lists for more than a month, and then being translated into many languages. The Cellar was published in Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Japan and other countries, including Russia. Flesh was named Best Horror Novel in 1988 by Science Fiction Chronicle. Along with Funland, this novel was nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards, but it wasn`t until 2001 that Lymon won the award for The Traveling Vampire Show. Already posthumously. Lymon died of a heart attack in February 2001. Lymon published several works under pseudonyms. One is The Lawmen, a Western novel from Dell`s Making Of America, published in 1983 under the name Lee Davis Willoughby. Richard used the pseudonym "Carl Laymon" for several of his works for teenagers - "Nightmare Lake" and "Your Secret Admirer", and "Carla Laymon" for the novel "A Stranger`s Arms", written already for adult readers and published in 1984 by the publishers " Blue Heron Press ". Lymon was also editor of the 2000 Bram Stoker nominated anthology Bad News, and also published an autobiography, A Writer`s Tale. Many famous horror writers, including Stephen King and Dean Koontz, have praised Lymon`s work. At the end of 2007, Cemetery Dance Publications released a tribute anthology called Laymon`s Terms, which included Richard`s daughter, Kelly Lymon, as editors.  Aliases Richard Kelly Carl Laymon Carla Laymon Lee Davis Willoughby Bibliography (novels only): 1980 - Basement / The Cellar 1980 - Your Secret Admirer (p.p. Carl Laymon) 1981 - The Woods Are Dark 1982 - Out Are the Lights and Other Tales 1983 - Nightmare Lake (p.p. Carl Laymon) 1983 - The Lawmen (p. p. Lee Davis Willoughby) 1984 - A Stranger`s Arms (p. Carla Laymon) 1984 - Night Show 1985 - All Hallow`s Eve 1985 - Beware 1986 - The Beast House 1986 - Tread Softly [aka Dark Mountain] (p. Richard Kelly) 1987 - Flesh 1988 - Midnight`s Lair (p.p. Richard Kelly) 1988 - Resurrection Dreams 1989 - Funland 1990 - One Rainy Night 1990 - Col / The Stake 1991 - Tell Us, Darkness, Tell Us 1991 - Island / Island 1992 - Alarms [aka Alarums] 1992 - Blood Games 1993 - Endless Night 1993 - Savage: From Whitechapel to the Wild West on the Track of Jack the Ripper 1994 - В In the Dark 1995 - The Quake 1996 - Bite 1996 - Body Rides 1996 - Fiends 1997 - After Midnight 1998 - The Midnight Tour 1998 - The Wilds 1999 - Among the Missing 1999 - Come Out Tonight 1999 - Cuts 2000 - Once Upon A Halloween 2000 - The Traveling Vampire Show 2001 - Friday Night in the Beast House 2001 - Night in the Lonesome October 2001 - No Sanctuary 2001 - The Halloween Mouse 2002 - Amara [aka To Wake the Dead] 2005 - The Glory Bus [aka Into the Fire]