Longarm and the Kansas Killer Book

Longarm and the Kansas Killer by Tabor Evans

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One of the deadliest killers in the world is running loose in the U.S. He`s known as Wolf, but his real name is Wolfgang von Ritterhoff of the Prussian Cavalry under Bismarck. He is familiar with every kind of weapon imaginable. The U.S. government wants him stopped and they turn to the one man who has a chance of hunting him down--Longarm.

149 pages, published in
Tabor Evans

A book by Tabor Evans

Tabor Evans is the collective literary pseudonym of a group of authors who participated in the creation of a palp-western series about Federal Marshal Sustis Long, nicknamed Longarm. The first novel of the series appeared in 1978 and marked the beginning of an entire genre of "adult westerns", which differs from the classic western in frank descriptions of sex scenes and violence. Since then, the novels about Longarm appear with regularity about once a month, now their number has reached 400.

The author of the first novels, in which, in fact, the character of the protagonist was created, is Lou Cameron.

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