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Voyagers by Ben Bova

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Keith Stoner, ex-astronaut turned physicist, knows the signal that his research station is receiving from space is not random. Whatever it is, it’s real.

And it’s headed straight for Earth.

He’ll do anything to be the first man to go out to confront this enigma. Even lose the only woman he’s ever really loved.

And maybe start a world war.

377 pages, published in
Ben Bova

A book by Ben Bova

Ben Bova Benjamin William Bova USA, 08.11.1932 - 29.11.2020. Born in Philadelphia, graduated from Temple University. For many years he worked as a journalist and editor; The peak of his professional career came in 1971, when the question arose about the successor to the permanent editor of the American science fiction magazine Analogue, John Campbell. A brilliant journalist and popular writer, a technocrat to the core, who worked for some time as a science editor at NASA, Bon Bova was recognized as the best candidate and led the magazine for eight years. For his work in this position, he was awarded the Hugo Prize for Best Editor in 1973-1977 and 1979. He made his science fiction debut in 1959 with Star Conquerors and has since released several dozen novels and storybooks. His main literary achievement is the cycle about the astronaut Chet Kinsman, united under one cover as "The Saga of the Kinsman" (1987), as well as the series "Privateers" and "Travelers". From 1990-92, Bova was president of the American Science Fiction Writers Association. Official site

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