When HARLIE Was One Book

When HARLIE Was One by David Friedman Jerrold

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A computer, raised by humans, believes that he is himself human.

Nominated for Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1972.

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1973.

263 pages, published in
David Friedman Jerrold

A book by David Friedman Jerrold

David Gerrold (David Gerrold) (there is also a wrong one David Gerrold, David Gerald) (real name - Jerrold David Friedman, Jerrold David Friedman) is an American science fiction writer, screenwriter. Born January 24, 1944 in Chicago (Illinois, USA). He studied at the University of Southern California with majors in journalism, cinema and theater. From 1982 to 1999 he taught a course for screenwriters at the University of Malibu. In 1965, David`s first work (a 10-minute short "A Positive Look At Negative Numbers" for Sigma Educational Films) won the Educational Film Library prize. In September 1966, Jerrold wrote the script for an episode of the TV series "Star Trek" titled "Tomorrow Was Yesterday", one of the storylines of which would later be reworked into a full-fledged series and filmed under the name "The Trouble With Tribbles", and will become, according to Paramount Pictures, the most popular series in the entire history of the existence of the TV show (David would later publish the book The Trouble With Tribbles, which includes the story of the episode). Acquaintance in 1970 with the famous science fiction writer Robert Heinlein had a significant impact on the development of Jerrold`s work (David will even devote his novel "A Case for Real Men" to Robert and Virginia Heinlein). David`s first published novel was The Flying Wizards (1971), co-authored with Larry Niven. This was followed by the science fiction novel When HARLIE Was One (1972) (nominated for the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards), the low-key adventure Yesterday`s Children (1972) and Space Skimmer (1972), novel The Man Who Folded Himself (1973) (nominated for Hugo, Nebula, Locus and Jupiter), novelization of Planet of the Apes "-" Battle for the Planet of the Apes "(1973) and many other books. Among the most famous works of the author are, first of all, the series "War against Khtorr" and "The Dingilliad Trilogy", and of course a touching and lyrical story with autobiographical motives "My son is a Martian", which received the "Hugo", "Nebula "," Locus "and" HOMer "1995. David has also contributed to the scripts for the popular TV series Star Trek, Animated, Twilight Zone, Land of the Lost, Babylon 5, Sliders, Logan`s Run, and Tales From The Darkside, has written columns for a number of magazines and websites, including Starlog, Galileo, Profiles, PC-Techniques, Visual Developer, Yahoo, and GalaxyOnline. The novelization of the film "My Enemy", together with Barry Longier, is also widely known. In 2005, with the novel "Child of Earth", the writer began a new cycle, the trilogy "The Sea of ​​Grass", intended for both adults and children. Also David Gerrold is the author of the series "War Against Htorr", which intends to continue further. A collection of scripts is also being prepared for release. David Gerrold`s official website: www.gerrold.com Awards and Prizes: [Skylark 1979] Skylark, 1979 [Nebula Awards 1994] Nebula Awards, 1994 // Novellette -> The Martian Child (1994) [Hugo Award 1995] Hugo Award, 1995 // Novellette -> The Martian Child (1994) [Locus Award 1995] Locus Award, 1995 // Novellette -> My son - The Martian Child (1994) David Gerrold. Cycles of works War Against the Chtorr A Matter for Men (1983) A Day for Damnation (1985) A Rage for Revenge (1989) A Season for Slaughter ( 1992) A Method For Madness, unfinished A Time For Treason, unfinished Trackers Under the Eye of God (1993) A Covenant of Justice (1994) Star Wolf Yesterday`s Children [= Starhunt] (1972) Voyage of the Star Wolf (1990) The Middle of Nowhere (1995) Blood and Fire (2004) The Sea of ​​Grass Child of Earth (2005) The Dingilliad Trilogy [= Starsiders] Jumping Off the Planet (2000) Bouncing Off the Moon (2001) Leaping to the Stars (2002) David Gerrold. Participation in inter-author projects Sherlock Holmes. Free Continuations / Sherlock Holmes // Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (1995) // Compiled Editors: Martin G.

Greenberg, Mike Reznik * Holmes in the present / Part II: Holmes in the present // By: Martin G.

Greenberg The Fan Who Molded Himself (1995) Star Trek // Star Trek inter-author cycle: The Original Series [= ST: TOS] // inter-author cycle * + screenplays: // inter-author cycle The Trouble with Tribbles (1966) The Galactic Whirlpool (1980) Star Trek: The New Generation / The Next Generation [= ST: TNG] // inter-author cycle Encounter at Farpoint (1987) * + documentary books // inter-author cycle The World of Star Trek (1973) Boarding the Enterprise: Transporters, Tribbles, and the Vulcan Death Grip in Gene Rodenberry`s Star Trek (2006) // Co-author: Robert Sawyer David Gerrold. Novels 1971 The Flying Sorcerers // Co-author: Larry Niven [based on The Misspelled Magician] 1972 When HARLIE Was One [early version of the novel] 1972 Yesterday`s Children [= Starhunt] 1972 Space Skimmer 1973 The Man Who Folded Himself 1973 Battle for the Planet of the Apes 1977 Moonstar Odyssey 1978 Deathbeast 1980 The Galactic Whirlpool 1983 A Matter for Men 1985 Enemy Mine // Co-authored by Barry Longyear 1985 A Day for Damnation 1987 Chess with a Dragon 1987 Encounter at Farpoint 1988 When HARLIE Was One, Release 2.0 [Late novel] 1989 A Rage for Revenge 1990 Voyage of the Star Wolf 1992 Carnage Season / A Season for Slaughter 1993 Under the Eye of God 1994 A Covenant of Justice 1995 The Middle of Nowhere 2000 Jumping Off the Planet [Based on the story Jumping Off the Planet] 2001 Bouncing Off the Moon 2002 Leaping t o the Stars 2002 The Martian Child [Based on The Martian Child] 2004 Blood and Fire 2005 Child of Earth David Gerrold. Novels and stories 1969 Oracle for a White Rabbit 1970 The Misspelled Magician // Co-author: Larry Niven [served as the basis for The Flying Sorcerers] 1970 Love Story in Three Acts 1970 The God Machine 1971 Afternoon with a Dead Bus 1972 For GOD & # 039; s Sake 1972 The Trouble with GOD 1972 All of Them Were Empty 1972 With a Finger in My I 1972 In the Deadlands 1972 Yarst! 1972 Battle Hum and the Boje 1972 How We Saved the Human Race 1972 This Crystal Castle 1973 An Infinity of Loving 1974 Skinflowers 1979 Hellhole 1986 Shaggy Dog Story 1992 The Impeachment of Adlai Stevenson 1992 The Kennedy Enterprise 1992 The Wish for Smish 1993 Bauble 1993 The Firebringers 1993 Franz Kafka, Superhero! 1993 Rex 1993 Looking Forward [excerpts from Under the Eye of God] 1993 The Ghost of Christmas Sideways 1994 The Seminar from Hell 1994 ...

And Eight Rabid Pigs [= Satan Claus] 1994 The Martian Child [served basis for the novel The Martian Child] 1994 What Goes Around 1995 The Spell 1995 The Fan Who Molded Himself 1996 The Emperor Redux 1997 The Feathered Mastodon 1998 Jumping Off the Planet [served as the basis for the novel Jumping Off the Planet] 2003 Digging in Gehenna 2003 Riding Janis 2004 Dancer in the Dark 2005 Mortal Dance 2005 In the Quake Zone 2005 Chester 2005 A Quantum Bit Exists In Two States Simultaneously: On 2005 A Quantum Bit Exists In Two States Simultaneously: Off 2006 Report From the Near Future : Crystallization 2006 Thirteen o & # 039; clock 2007 The Strange Disappearance of David Gerrold 2007 The Equally Strange Reappearance of David Gerrold 2007 Pickled Mongoose [excerpts from The Martian Child] 2007 The Strange Death of Orson Welles 2007 It Needs Salt [fragments of the planned novel A Time For Treason] 2007 The Baby Cooper Dollar Bill 2007 Chess With a Dragon [excerpts from the novel Chess With a Dragon] 2007 The Green Man 2007 The Diamond Sky David Gerrold. Poems 2007 The Satanic Limericks # 1 2007 The Satanic Limericks # 2 David Gerrold. Screenplays 1969 The Trouble with Tribbles 1972 The Cloud Minders // Co-authors: Margaret Armen, Oliver Crawford 1975 More Tribbles, More Troubles 1977 BEM 2007 Blood and Fire David Gerrold. Essay 1971 A Sort of Introduction (Protostars) 1972 Introduction (Generation) 1974 Introduction (Science Fiction Emphasis I) 1974 Introduction (Alternities) 1977 Introduction (Ascents of Wonder) 1978 An Introduction 1978 Introduction (Vulcan!) 1979 Entertainment (Galileo # 11 / 12) 1979 Entertainment (Galileo # 13) 1979 Entertainment (Galileo # 14) 1979 Entertainment (Galileo # 15) 1980 Entertainment (Galileo # 16) 1984 Harlan Ellison: Acknowledging the Elephant 1991 The Transcendental Vision 1995 Afterword (Harlan Ellison`s The City on the Edge of Forever) 1996 Introduction (Trials and Tribble-Ations) 1996 Salmon á la Gerrolde 1996 Corned Beef and Cabbage 1996 Spaghetti by Sean 1996 Death to the Enemies of the Revolution Chili 2005 Skip This Part 2007 King Kong: The Unanswered Questions 2007 King Kong: Behind the Scenes 2007 Author`s Rebuttal David Gerrold. Articles 1990 Children of Snow and Ice 1990 Death of Tomorrow 2005 Wars of the Worlds David Gerrold. Compilations 1972 With a Finger in My I 2005 Alternate Gerrolds 2007 The Involuntary Human David Gerrold. Other Works 1966 The Trouble with Tribbles 1973 The World of Star Trek 1994 Fatal Distractions - 87 Ways to Get Beaten, Eaten, Maimed, and Mauled on Your Computer 2001 Poul Anderson 2001 Worlds of Wonder: How to Write Science Fiction & amp; Fantasy 2003 Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix // Co-authored by Glen Yeffet 2005 Frank Kelly Freas 2006 Boarding the Enterprise: Transporters, Tribbles, and the Vulcan Death Grip in Gene Rodenberry`s Star Trek // Co-author: Robert Sawyer David Gerrold. Unfinished Works A Method For Madness A Time For Treason Bibliography compilers: Tesselar, Claviceps P.

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