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Frederick Brown

A book by Frederick Brown

Frederick (Fredric) Brown Fredric William Brown ) October 29, 1906, Cincinnati (Ohio) - March 11, 1972, Tucson (Arizona) American writer who worked primarily in the fantasy and detective genre. In Russia, he is better known for his works in the genre of humorous fiction. Used pseudonyms: Felix Graham (Felix Graham), Allen Morse (Allen Morse), Jack Hobart (Jack Hobart) Frederick William Brown was born on October 29 1906 in Cincinnati, Ohio. after leaving school in 1921, he worked as a messenger in the office of a commercial firm, the memories of this work became the basis of the novel "The Office" (The Office, 1958). The marriage and the birth of sons forced the writer to look for additional work. He moonlighted as a conductor, dishwasher and detective. After joining the "Authors` Club" in Milwaukee, Frederick begins to write short humorous stories for various periodicals. At the same time, he maintains a proofreader`s page in the American print magazine. His work as a proofreader of detective stories leads Brown to the idea that he himself could write such stories just as well. In 1937, he sells his first story, but began publishing in 1938, and in the 40s hundreds of detective and science fiction stories were already published. In 1947, Brown completed his first detective novel, The Fabulous Clipjoint (= The Fabulous Clipjoint), which won the 1948 Poe award. The money from the sale of this piece allowed him to quit his job. According to his wife, Brown hated writing and did his best to do only what he loved - playing the flute, chess, poker and reading the works of Lewis Carroll. In part, the reluctance to write was due to the writer`s extremely poor health, he was distinguished by a fragile, painful constitution and suffered from asthma and allergies. Brown could not write more than a few pages a day, it was hard for him even to sit at a typewriter. In 1949, his odyssey begins in search of the most suitable climate for his health. For 3 years, the writer stays in an artists` colony in Taos (New Mexico), then 2 years in Los Angeles, which he leaves at the insistence of doctors. Brown settles in Tucson, Arizona, but despite the favorable climate, health continues to deteriorate. He writes no more than one novel a year. From 1961 to 1963 he worked as a screenwriter in California, in particular, for the series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". In 1963, Brown is forced to return to Tucson. This year his last novel comes out, in 1965 his last story. A difficult time comes for the writer - his health deteriorates catastrophically, old stories are forgotten, and he no longer writes new ones. Brown starts drinking. In 1972 he voluntarily moved to the hospital, where he soon dies. There was a farewell note on the desk in Brown`s typical laconic tone: "No flowers, no funeral, no fuss." The writer was married twice and has two sons. Although Brown also contains works of large form in his creative baggage, critics have traditionally noted him as a master of small stories. Brilliant humor, paradoxical plot twists, sharp satirical focus of the works of Frederick Brown deservedly put him among the leaders of humorous and satirical fiction.  Detective. Declaration of love , Wikipedia (en.) , Bibliography (en.) , IMDb Bibliography (incomplete) Series Ed and Am Hunter mysteries - Hunter and Hunter Detective Agency [ / b] 1947 - 1.

The Fabulous Clipjoint - The most common murder; Incredible extortion 1948 - 2.

The Dead Ringer - Chimpanzee ghost; Death is also wrong ...

1949 - 3.

The Bloody Moonlight - Murder in the moonlight 1950 - 4.

Compliments of a Fiend - Satan congratulates you 1951 - 5.

Death Has Many Doors - Where will death overtake you? 1959 - 6.

The Late Lamented 1963 - 7.

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