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The Bronze Horseman by Pauline Simons

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Pauline Simons

A book by Pauline Simons

Paulina Simons ( Paullina Simons ) was born in the Soviet Union in 1963. When Paulina was 5 years old, her father was arrested for anti-Soviet agitation, namely, protesting against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. He spent a year in prison, then was sent to camps for 2 years, and then exiled. In 1973, Paulina`s father applied for emigration. They settled in New York. P.

While still in college, Paulina married an Englishman and settled in London, where she began to work as a financial journalist. After 4 years, this marriage broke up, and Paulina and her little daughter returned to New York. An unpleasant surprise awaited her here. Paulina`s company seemed prestigious and stable - until it went bankrupt 6 weeks after Paulina started work. Instead of falling into despair, Paulina wrote her first novel, Tully. This was in 1993. The debut was more than successful. The book has been sold in 12 countries, translated into many languages. Soon Paulina remarried, built a house, gave birth to another child and wrote another novel, Red Leaves. But fate knocked on her door again. Paulina`s husband was offered a wonderful job in Texas. In the seventh month of pregnancy, Paulina with her husband and children left their new home in New York and moved to Texas. There she wrote "11 o`clock" ...

All these novels were about America and Americans. Nothing in them reminded of Russia. But on one sleepless night, finishing her proofreading "11 o`clock," while her husband was sleeping in bed and the baby in the cradle, she suddenly saw them. Tatiana and Alexandra ...

Her publishers were absolutely sure of the commercial success of the book "11 hours" and signed a contract for two novels at once, the second of which was not even written. But their intuition let them down. 11 O`clock was not successful in the United States, although it made the bestseller lists in Australia and New Zealand. With that great enthusiasm, Paulina took up work on a new novel - a novel about Russia and the Russians. She spent many hours in the library, studying the history of the Second World War, asking relatives. In 1998 she went to Russia with her father. They spent 6 days in Leningrad, and when they returned, everything around was completely different. Paulina forgot that she was in her house in Texas, in 1999, she wrote day and night ...

It seemed that the book found its own life, its own destiny. The book has been published in England, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Poland, China, Czech Republic, Israel, Greece.

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