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The Lady Most Willing by Julia Quinn

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Julia Quinn

A book by Julia Quinn

Julia Quinn is a pseudonym for Julie Pottinger, nee Julie Cotler. American writer, bestselling author of historical love themes. She was born in 1970. During her final years at college, Julia Quinn discovered that she didn`t know what she wanted out of life. It depressed her. The only thing that kept her common sense in these dark and troubled times was the fact that none of her friends knew it in the same way. Then she took a big chocolate bar and a good book and decided to figure out what to do. It seemed too difficult to get a job. No, she wouldn`t mind having a job, but she had no idea how to get one. Law school seemed so boring. Everyone hates lawyers, and Julia wanted to be loved. Business school is also not an option. They only accept those with at least two years of work experience and, as mentioned earlier, Julia did not know how to find a job. The only remaining option (which shows how narrow her horizons was) was medical school. Yeah, she thought, I can be a good doctor! She quickly grabbed her phone and handed the idea to her parents, who were understandably bewildered since their daughter had been an art history specialist until then. But being strong people, they said: "Great!" Julia hung up the phone, blinked a couple of times and said loudly, "So I`m going to become a doctor.

Great!" Then she pulled out a ream of paper and busied herself with calculating how long it would take. (Note that a medical career is not for those who crave immediate gratification.) It turned out that it would take more than two years before she could go to medical school, it was necessary to learn all these boring scientific disciplines in the order of application. It is clear that she needed to find something to do during this time, because from experience she knew that she would not be able to concentrate on one thing as she should. Then she looked at the book, which lay next to the empty chocolate wrapper. It was a love story. I could write the same, she thought. And so she did. Two years later, when Julia was choosing between two medical schools, her literary agent called her to inform her that the first two books, Splendid and Dancing at Midnight (Midnight Waltz), were the subject of a fierce war of proposals between the two publishers. And she put off medical school for a year and wrote "Minx" ("Cheat"). Then she put it off for another year and wrote Everything and the Moon. Then she became nervous and decided that she should have given more effort to medical school, and, taking out a scalpel, began to dissect corpses, and learned more about citric acid than anyone (including most medical students) would like to know. Note: At this stage, her husband, a wonderful person and a great physiologist, however, is not very smart in terms of finances, said in surprise: "I thought you were going to make millions from your romance novels.

How can we live on two doctor`s salaries?" Another note: he was completely serious, which is why Julia is in charge of all the accounts. A few months later, she realized that it was a fit of temporary insanity, and she retired from medical school to write "Brighter than the Sun". It was followed by "To Catch an Heiress" and the critically acclaimed "How to Marry a Marquis". Julia Queen`s work quickly gained a solid reputation for the warmth and humor of her manner, and her dialogues are considered some of the best. Each year brings new laurels to the writer and her novels. Recently, the writer lives in the US state of Colorado with her husband Paul, two rabbits and Bailey the cat. Recognition * 1997- Everything and the Moon nominated for Best Regency Historical by Romantic Times Magazine [4] * 2001 - Finalist in the Romance Writers of America (RWA) & # 039; s RITA Awards * 2002 - Romancing Mister Bridgerton voted one of the top ten books of the year by RWA membership Finalist for the RWA RITA Awards in the Long Historical category * 2002 - To Sir Phillip, With Love named one of the six best mass market original novels of the year by Publishers Weekly * 2003 - Quinn was profiled in Time Magazine (a rare accomplishment for a romance novelist). * 2007 - Received Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Long Historical Romance, for On the Way to the Wedding Bibliography The Blydon Family Saga Series * Splendid * Dancing At Midnight * Minx * "A Tale of Two Sisters" in Where & # 039; s My Hero? (anthology with Lisa Kleypas and Kinley MacGregor) The Lyndon Family Saga Series * Everything And The Moon * Brighter Than The Sun Lady Danbury`s Influence Series * To Catch An Heiress * How To Marry A Marquis Bridgerton Family * The Duke and I (Daphne Bridgerton) * The Viscount Who Loved Me (Anthony Bridgerton) * An Offer From A Gentleman (Benedict Bridgerton) * Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Colin Bridgerton) * To Sir Phillip, With Love (Eloise Bridgerton) * When He Was Wicked (Francesca Bridgerton) * It & # 039; s In His Kiss (Hyacinth Bridgerton) * On the Way to the Wedding (Gregory Bridgerton) Quinn has recently published four "second epilogues" for The Viscount Who Loved Me, It & # 039; s In His Kiss ,, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and When He Was Wicked available through e-books. The Two Dukes of Wyndham * The Lost Duke of Wyndham * Mr. Cavendish, I Presume (forthcoming, September 2008) Lady Whistledown The witty gossip columnist "Lady Whistledown" from the Bridgerton series ties together these two anthologies of interlinked novellas: * "Thirty-Six Valentines" in The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown (anthology with Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins and Mia Ryan) * "The First Kiss" in Lady Whistledown Strikes Back (anthology with Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins and Mia Ryan) Other * The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever * "Gretna Greene" in Scottish Brides ( anthology with Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens and Karen Ranney) Author page:

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