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Aliases: Rachel Bach Rachel Aaron is an American novelist working in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and romantic prose. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2004 she received her bachelor`s degree from the University of Georgia, where she studied literature. Lives in Athens, Georgia. She is married and has a son. Since childhood, Rachel loved to read and dreamed of becoming a writer. Her parents had a large library in which science fiction and fantasy books were prominently featured. In many ways, Rachel`s work was influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien, HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Mercedes Lacey, Anne McKeffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, David Brin, Patricia Rade, Elizabeth Moon. She also loves anime, manga and computer games. Rachel made her debut in 2010 with The Legend Of Eli Monpress`s first novel, The Spirit Thief. The book was published by Orbit. The cycle tells the story of the adventures of the reckless, witty and charming thief and wizard Eli Montpress. This is not your typical fantasy, where a wizard fights evil and saves the world. The writer decided to slightly change the canon, and the main character uses his magical abilities to please himself, for profit. The books are full of irony and humor. Under the pseudonym Rachel Bach wrote the sci-fi trilogy "The Paradox Trilogy", dedicated to the adventures of a mercenary in space. Now the writer is finishing work on the last novel of the series, The Heartstrikers Series, which tells the story of dragons living in the ruins of old Detroit. © Calendula for (based on materials from the Internet) Official website: Blog:

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