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The Cold Commands by Richard K. Morgan

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Richard K. Morgan

A book by Richard K. Morgan

Richard K.

Morgan (Richard K.

Morgan) Richard Morgan was born in 1965 in London. He spent his childhood in the village of Hethersett, about six miles from Norwich. Since childhood, Richard dreamed of writing books and traveling. He graduated from Queens College at the University of Cambridge in 1987. Then, after studying in London for a four-week course in teaching English, Morgan ends up in Istanbul. Then he returns to London again, then goes to teach in Spain, and only then moves to Scotland in Glasgow and gets a job at Strathclyde University. Morgan taught English for fourteen years. After "Altered Carbon" was released in both England and the US, and Hollywood paid for the rights to the film based on this novel, Morgan left his job and became a professional writer. It is published in the US as Richard K.

Morgan, but in the UK the publisher dropped the initial “K” for design reasons (Altered Carbon cover). Morgan says that he likes it much more when "K" still remains, but in interviews he flatly refuses to say what name is hidden behind this initial. In addition to the Takeshi Kovacs series, Morgan is also the author of separate novels Market Forces (2004) and Black Man / Thirteen (2007). "Market Forces" Richard wrote based on his own screenplay, which he could not attach. Incidentally, the producer of The Matrix, Joel Silver, acquired the film rights to Altered Carbon. In addition, Morgan is the author of the scripts for the Marvel comic mini-series Black Widow since September 2004. Currently, Richard Morgan lives with his wife Virginia in Glasgow.

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