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The President of Scambia`s life is in danger when one sleezy goon schemes to assassinate not only a leader, but immobilize and destroy the entire country and transform its peaceful society into a thundering safe haven for international hoods. Master Chiun and his protégé Remo Williams descend on the scene to combat the treacherous plot...but not without a fight.

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A book by 18107

Warren Murphy ( Warren Burton Murphy ) Warren Murphy was born September 13, 1933 in Jersey, where he also worked as a reporter and editor. After the Korean War, he went into politics, "but when everyone I worked with went to jail, I decided that God was sending me a signal to change jobs." It was after this that the first novel about Destroyer came out. Warren Murphy currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The series was founded in 1971 by two writers, Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. The main character, Remo Williams, is another professional killer in the service of the super-secret organization CURE, whose goal is to fight all sorts of bad guys using methods that have nothing to do with US law. KURE is known only to a very limited circle of government officials. Hundreds of officials work in CURE, but only one - the leader Harold Smith - knows about the goals of the organization. And only he can give orders to one single executor - Remo. To carry out the most incredible tasks, Williams is helped by his teacher Chiun, the Master of Sinanju, who owns the heights of the art of killing. It is written easily, one might even say carefree, there are elements of fantasy, a lot of eroticism. The murders are described quite vividly, naturally, with love. Characters and plots are deliberately caricatured and grotesque. Behind the grandiose secrets and designs of villains, very mundane and petty motives often lie. Because of this, after reading the next novel, there is often a feeling of some disappointment. Starting the series, Murphy and Sapir gradually gave way to other authors. The last books, and there are already 132 of them, were written by James Malleni.  Spy mania , bibliography (Russian) , bibliography (eng.) , official site , IMDb .

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