How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower Book

How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower by Adrian Goldsworthy

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In AD 200, the Roman Empire seemed unassailable. Its vast territory accounted for most of the known world. By the end of the fifth century, Roman rule had vanished in western Europe and much of northern Africa, and only a shrunken Eastern Empire remained. What accounts for this improbable decline? Here, Adrian Goldsworthy applies the scholarship, perspective, and narrative skill that defined his monumental Caesar to address perhaps the greatest of all historical questions—how Rome fell.It was a period of remarkable personalities, from the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius to emperors like Diocletian, who portrayed themselves as tough, even brutal, soldiers. It was a time of revolutionary ideas, especially in religion, as Christianity went from persecuted sect to the religion of state and emperors. Goldsworthy pays particular attention to the willingness of Roman soldiers to fight and kill each other. Ultimately, this is the story of how an empire without a serious rival rotted from within, its rulers and institutions putting short-term ambition and personal survival over the wider good of the state.

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Adrian Goldsworthy

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Adrian Goldsworthy / Adrian Keith Goldsworthy - British historian and writer, specialist in the history of Ancient Rome. Was born in 1969. Until the age of sixteen, he studied in South Wales at Westbourne Private Primary School and Westbourne College for Boys. After that, he entered St John`s College, Oxford University and became the best in the Department of Ancient and Modern History. Received his Ph.D.

in 1994. The theme of his work is "The Roman Army as a Military Force." A modified version was subsequently published in a series of Oxford monographs entitled The Roman Army at War 100 BC - AD 200 (1996). It is still in print and is one of the finest works in the series. For two years, Adrian Goldsworthy was a junior researcher at Cardiff University. Subsequently he taught at King`s College London and was Assistant Professor at the University of London`s Notre Dame Program for six years. He lectured on a wide range of topics, from the history of Ancient Greece to the military history of World War II. For Adrian Goldsworthy, teaching is fun, but writing is more enjoyable. Therefore, he stopped teaching in order to devote all his time to the career of a writer. This gave him the opportunity to reduce the time spent on administrative work, but, nevertheless, he continues to lecture at various universities when time permits. Loves watching cricket, walking and playing tennis. Recently, he has been learning to ride a horse, and he gets a lot of pleasure from it, so he even regrets that he did not start learning this earlier. Adrian Goldsursey currently lives in South Wales. Author`s site:

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