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Mount Dragon:an enigmatic research complex hidden in the vast desert of New Mexico. Guy Carson and Susana Cabeza de Vaca have come to Mount Dragon to work shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest scientific minds on the planet. Led by visionary genius Brent Scopes, their secret goal is a medical breakthrough that promises to bring incalculable benefits to the human race. But while Scopes believes he is leading the way to a new world order, he may in fact be opening the door to mass human extinction. And when Guy and Susana attempt to stop him they find themselves locked in a frightening battle with Scopes, his henchmen, and the apocalyptic nightmare that science has unleashed . . . .

413 pages, published in

A book by 1875

Lincoln Child Lincoln Child was born in Westport, Connecticut. Back in second grade, he wrote his first story, Bumble the Elephant (currently believed to be lost). In addition to two dozen stories written in his youth, in the tenth grade he wrote the science fiction novel "Second Son of Daedalus", and in the twelfth - the shamelessly Tolkien fantasy "The Darkness to the North" (which he dropped after 400 pages). Both novels are now pretty embarrassing for the author, and he keeps them under lock and key. Lincoln graduated from Carlton College in Norfield, Minnesota with a major in English language arts. Finding that words attract him, and also tend to appear in so many books, in the summer of 1979 he went to New York, intending to get a job at a publishing house. He was fortunate enough to be promoted to assistant editor at St. Martin`s Press. Over the next few years, Child worked his way up the editorial hierarchy from assistant editor to deputy editor, and then editor, which he became in 1984.

At St.

Martin`s, he worked with the works of many authors, including James Herriot and M.


Kay ... He has edited over a hundred books on topics ranging from The Notation of Western Music to Hitler`s Rocket Sites, but has focused primarily on American and English fiction. While at St.

Martin`s Press, Lincoln compiled several collections of ghost and horror stories, starting with the hardcover collections Dark Company (1984) and Dark Banquet (1985). Later, he established a department in the company specializing in horror for the general public, and already working in it, was the compiler of three more collections of ghost stories "Tales of the Dark" (volumes 1-3). In 1987 Lincoln left the publishing business to work for MetLife. In a rather sudden transition, he switched from manuscript editing, speaking at commercial conferences and lunches and drinking with [literary] agents to high-tech programming and systems analysis. While this change may seem strange, Lincoln was a geek fanatic from an early age and had extensive programming experience back in high school, working with the DEC minis and the now prehistoric IBM 1620, which was so ancient that it was more like an electric typewriter. Away from the publishing world, Lincoln regained an interest in literary pursuits. During his tenure at MetLife, Relic was published, and after a few years Lincoln left the company to become a professional writer. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. Lincoln is a dilettante by nature, among his interests: literature and poetry of the times before the 1950s; popular fiction of the post-1950s; playing the piano, various MIDI instruments and a 5-string banjo; English and American history; motorcycles; architecture; classical music, early jazz, blues and rhythm and blues; exotic parrots; esoteric programming languages; hiking mountain tourism; butterflies; Italian suits; soft felt hats; archeology; and multiplayer deathmatching. Materials from sites - Blog about detectives and thrillers, Official Site of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, wiki. Bibliography Utopia (2002) Death Match (2004) Deep Storm (2007) Terminal Freeze (2008) Co-authored with Lincoln Child "The Relic" - The Relic (1994) Mount Dragon (1996). "Reliquary" - Reliquary (1997) "Island" or "Sword punishing" - Riptide (1998) "Golden City" - Thunderhead (1999) "The Edge of Ice" - The Ice Limit (2000) "Cabinet of Curiosities" - The Cabinet of Curiosities (2002) Still Life with Crows - Still Life with Crows (2003) Fire and Brimstone - Brimstone (2004) Dance of Death - Dance of Death (2005) The Book of the Dead (2006) The Wheel of Darkness (coming out in Russia) - The Wheel of Darkness (2007) Cemetery Dance (coming out May 12, 2009).

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