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Philip Gregory

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Philippa Gregory (English Philippa Gregory ) English writer and screenwriter. Philip Gregory was born on January 9, 1954 in Kenya, but two years after her birth, the family moved to England. The future writer entered the University of Sussex, and then continued her education at the University of Edinburgh, after which she received her doctorate in 18th century literature. She later taught at several British universities, including the Open University, and in 1994 she was awarded the title of Board Member of Kingston University. She received her first literary royalties by starting to write books for children, but she became a truly famous writer only thanks to a series of historical novels, in the center of which is the brilliant court of English kings and queens. Philippe Gregory`s world-wide fame was brought about by the very first novel - "Weidekr", published in 1987 and becoming the first part of the trilogy of the same name, which tells about several generations of the Lacey family. Several of her novels have been awarded and filmed. In 1998, she wrote the screenplay for the mini-series A Respectable Trade based on her novel of the same name. The production was a resounding success, with Gregory receiving a BAFTA nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. The bestseller The Other Boleyn Girl (2002), which tells the story of the dramatic fate of the Boleyn sisters, Mary and Anne, vying for the love of King Henry VIII of England, was an undoubted success. In 2003, Gregory took part in the script for the BBC television version. It stars Natasha McElhone (Maria), Jody May (Anna) and Jared Harris (Henry VIII). In 2008, The Other Boleyn was released, starring Hollywood stars: Scarlett Johansson (Maria), Natalie Portman (Anna) and Eric Bana (Henry VIII). She currently lives with her husband and children on a farm near Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Her interests are horse riding, walking, she enjoys skiing and gardening. He devotes his free time to charity.  Wikipedia , Official site , IMDb .  Bibliography Series Wideacre - Weidekre 1987 - 1.

Wideacre - Weidekr 1989 - 2.

The Favored Child - The Favored Child 1990 - 3.

Meridon - Marydon 2006 - Wideacre Trilogy Box Set (omnibus) Earthly Joys 1998 - 1.

Earth ly Joys 1998 - 2 The Virgin Earth Boleyn - Boleyn 2001 - 1.

The Other Boleyn Girl - Another Boleyn 2006 - 2.

The Boleyn Inheritance - The Boleyn Legacy Cousins` War 2009 - 1.

The White Queen 2010 - 2.

The Red Queen Novels 1992 - Mrs. Hartley and the Growth Center (aka Alice Hartley`s Happiness) 1992 - A Respectable Trade 1992 - The Wisewoman 1993 - Fallen Skies 1996 - The Little House 1996 - Perfectly Correct 1998 - Midlife Mischief 2000 - Zelda`s Cut 2003 - The Queen`s Fool - The Secret of the Bloody Mary 2004 - The Virgin`s Lover - The Queen`s Lover 2005 - The Constant Princess 2008 - The Other Queen Omnibus 2009 - Queen`s Fool / Virgin`s Lover Collections 2000 - Bread and Chocolate Chapbooks 1988 - Princess Florizella 1993 - Florizella and the Wolves 2000 - Florizella and the Giant "The Tudors and Plantagenets" - a series of historical novels by the British writer Philip Gregory. Previously, the series was divided into "Tudor Court" (Russian "Tudors") and "Cousins` War" (Russian "War of the Cousins" or "War of the Scarlet and White Roses"). As of August 2016, Gregory lists these novels as part of the same Tudors and Plantagenets series. List of books in the series (by publication date): 1.

The Other Boleyn Girl (2001) (= Another Boleyn Girl; = Another Boleyn) 2.

The Queen`s Fool (2003) (= The Secret of the Bloody Mary, or Make the Queen Laugh; = Royal Cracker) 3.

The Virgin`s Lover (2004) (= Queen`s Lover) 4.

The Constant Princess (2005) (= Eternal Princess) 5.

The Boleyn Inheritance (2006) (= The Boleyn Legacy) 6.

The Other Queen (2008) (= The Other Queen) 7.

The White Queen (2009) (= The White Queen) 8.

The Red Queen (2010) (= The Scarlet Queen) 9.

The Lady of the Rivers (2011) (= The Mistress of the Rivers House) 10.

The Kingmaker`s Daughter (2012) (= The Cardinal`s Daughter; = The Kingmaker`s Daughter) 11.

The White Princess (2013) (= The First Tudor Rose, or White Princess; = The White Princess) 12.

The King`s Curse (2014) (= Curse Kings) 13.

The Taming of the Queen (2015) (= The Taming of the Queen) 14.

Three Sisters, Three Queens (2016) (= Three Sisters, Three Queens) 15.

The Last Tudor (2017) (= The Last of the Tudor Family) Gregory suggested for series "reading order" based on the actual chronology of historical figures and events: 1.

The Lady of the Rivers (2011) (= Mistress of the Rivers House) Jacquette Rivers, 1415 / 1416-1472 2.

The White Queen (2009) (= White Queen) Elizabeth Woodville c. 1437-1492 3.

The Red Queen (2010) (= The Scarlet Queen) Margaret Beaufort, 1441 / 1443-1509 4.

The Kingmaker`s Daughter (2012) (= The Cardinal`s Daughter; = The Daughter of the "Kingmaker") Isabella Neville, 1451-1476 ; Anna Neville, 1456-1485 5.

The White Princess (2013) (= First Tudor Rose, or White Princess; = White Princess) Elizabeth of York, 1466-1503 6.

The Constant Princess (2005) (= Eternal Princess) Catherine of Aragon, 1485-1536 7.

The King`s Curse (2014) (= Curse of kings) Margaret Pole, 1473-1541 8.

Three Sisters, Three Queens (2016) (= Three sisters, three queens) Catherine of Aragon, 1485-1536; Margarita Tudor, 1489-1541; Mary Tudor, 1496-1533 9.

The Other Boleyn Girl (2001) (= Another Boleyn; = Another Boleyn) Mary Boleyn, 1499-1543; Anna Boleyn, c. 1501 / 1507-1536 10.

The Boleyn Inheritance (2006) (= Legacy of the Boleyn Family)

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