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Commitment Hour is a science fiction novel by James Alan Gardner, published in 1998. The novel is set in Gardner`s "League of Peoples`s" futuristic universe, and plays out in the small, isolated village of Tober Cove. Set on post-apocalyptic Earth, Tober Cove most resembles a rural, seventeenth century fishing village, with one exception: every year, everyone below the age of 21 changes gender. At the age of twenty-one, the people of the village must "commit" to being male, female or both in the form of a Hermaphrodite (a `Neut`), forever. Commitment Hour follows the day leading up to the main character`s hour of commitment (Wikipedia).

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James Alan Gardner (born James Alan Gardner; born 1955) is a Canadian writer. Born in Bradford, Ontario, Canada. In childhood, he lived in Bradford and Simcoe (Simcoea). He currently lives in Kitchener-Waterloo. Works Novels * "Squad of the Doomed" (1997) * "Hour of Destiny" (1998) * "Vigilant" (1999) * "Hunted" (2000) * "Planet of the Immortals" (2001) * "Trapped" (2002) * "Radiant "(2004) *" Lara Croft and the Man of Bronze "(2004) *" Flame and Dust "Stories, stories *" Three hearings on the case of the presence of snakes in human blood "Official website: ~ jim / Welcome.html

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