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Terry Pratchett

A book by Terry Pratchett

Born: April 28, 1948 Died: March 12, 2015 Sir Terence David John Pr & # 769; atchett ( Sir Terence David John Pratchett ) was born on April 28, 1948, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire ( Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire ), UK - was died at 2015-03-12, UK. Popular English writer. Better known as Terry Pratchett ( Terry Pratchett ). The most popular is his series of satirical fantasy about Discworld ( Discworld ). The total circulation of his books is about 50 million copies. [h1] Creative Biography [/ h1] [h2] Pen tests [/ h2] At the age of 11 he entered High Wycombe Technical High School , a school with a technical bias. At the age of 13, his story The Hades Business was published in a school magazine, and two years later, in 1963, was published in Science Fantasy - for this publication Terry Pratchett received a & pound ;fourteen. His second published work Night Dweller was published in November 1965 in issue 156 of New Worlds . In 1965, Terry Pratchett decided to complete his education and, after consulting his parents, left school to work as a journalist for the local newspaper Bucks Free Press . This work led him to an interview with Peter van Darren, one of the directors of the small publishing house Colin Smythe Limited , where Pratchett mentioned that he wrote the novel "Carpet People" ( The Carpet People [/ i ]), and asked van Darren about the possibility of publication. In 1971, the book was published. Then came the turn of two other comic science fiction novels, which Pratchett wrote, by his own admission, on "dark winter evenings" when he had no better things to do: "The Dark Side of the Sun" ) was released in 1976, and Strata ( Strata ) in 1981. During this time, Pratchett changed jobs several times, settling in 1970 at Western Daily Press , returned in 1972 back to Bucks Free Press , but this time as a junior editor, in 1973 moved to Bath Chronicle and finally in 1980 got a job at Central Electricity Generating Board , where he had to be responsible for communications as press officer with the public at three nuclear power plants at the same time. [h2] The Birth of a Discworld [/ h2] In 1982, New English Library , which had previously published Pratchett`s novels in paperbacks, refused to cooperate with the author due to poor sales. Colin Smythe managed to interest Diana Pearson of Corgi in publishing and in 1983 he published The Color of Magic , the first novel of Pratchett`s most popular cycle, Flat peace". Pearson hosted a six-part series on BBC radio on Woman`s Hour , which was an overwhelming success. In 1986, a new novel by Pratchett, "The Mad Star" ( The Light Fantastic ) was released, and a contract was signed to publish subsequent books by Terry and in hardcover, too. Since the publishing house Corgi , where Smythe worked could not "pull" these publications, Smythe from that time decided to become the official literary agent of Pratchett. He retained the rights to publish the paperbacks to Corgi , and chose the more powerful publishing house Gollancz to publish the hardcovers. In 1987, after the third Discworld novel, Equal Rites ), was nominated for the Locus Award `88 , Colin Smythe received a call from [ i] New English Library , asking if the rights to publish Pratchett`s books were still free ...

"Of course they were late," Smythe smiled. [h2] The creative process [/ h2] Pratchett says: [quote] Discworld began as a kind of antidote to bad fantasy, because we had a big fantasy boom in the late 70s and a lot was very secondary due to the fact that the writers did not want to bring something new to the genre. - The first books were filled with small references to the work of other writers, and good writers, I think this is the case when the reader can say: "Oh, here he" got "Anne McCaffrey!" I quickly pieced together several typical fantasy universes into one. I remembered the description from the magazine Mad about the "Flintstones" - "dinosaurs 65 million years ago in the same world with the idiots from our" today.

"I tried to do something like this with Discworld.

Not everyone he has a really modern character, but they are recognizable to us.

Their views are also more like those of people of the 21st century.

[/ quote] [quote] I take notes all the time.

Writing about Discworld is almost the same what to be a journalist.

I may be a journalist who takes a place two or three years ago and describes it, but the last 10 books were inspired by current events around us.

[/ quote] [h2] Professional writer [/ h2] In the same In 1987, after finishing the novel "Mort - the Apprentice of Death" ( Mort ), Terry Pratchett decided to leave his job at CEGB and devote all his time to writing.

Pratchett`s books were rapidly becoming bestsellers.

gaining more and more popularity.In 1996, the novels "Masquerade" ( Maskerade ) and "Inter Good Times "( Interesting Times ) hit the UK Top 10 Bestsellers. Published in 1995, the book "Rock Music" ( Soul Music ) was on the first line of the list of best-selling paperbacks for four weeks. "The Grim Reaper" ( Reaper Man ) has become the eighth fastest-buying publication in the UK over the past five years. A books - "Santa Hryakus ( Hogfather ) and" Masquerade "( Maskerade ) for two weeks occupied the highest places on the bestseller lists in both" soft "and" hard covers at the same time.

"The Last Continent" ( The Last Continent ) held on to the first position for eight whole weeks ...

Over time, Terry Pratchett began to talk that he was not at all averse to trying something new, different Of course, fans don`t want to hear about it, so in the end the writer cheated a little by launching a sub-series of flat world novels designed for children and adolescents ...

They were in for overwhelming success.

[h2] Personal life [/ h2] Married to Lin Pratchett.

The daughter of Rihanna Pratchett is a professional journalist.

On December 13, 2007, the press published information that Terry Pratchett had a rare form of Alzheimer`s disease.

Pratchett himself continues to work on a new book.

On June 15, 2011, information appeared in the press that Pratchett began paperwork for admission to the Swiss clinic Dignitas , which practices euthanasia. Earlier, Pratchett spoke out about his voluntary departure from life quite frankly. He died on March 12, 2015 from pneumonia and the complications caused by it against the background of Alzheimer`s disease. [h1] Creativity [/ h1] [h2] Discworld [/ h2] Cycle [url = http: // D0% BA% D0% B8% D0% B9_% D0% BC% D0% B8% D1% 80] Discworld [/ url] currently has 40 novels, 4 stories, 3 reference books and one cookbook. It is a talented satire that began as a parody of fantasy and has evolved into a completely genre-independent work. Here you can find jokes on almost any topic from the history of the pyramids of Egypt to Hollywood and classical philosophy. Bright, memorable (with well-recognizable prototypes) heroes and the author`s talent ensured the series popularity. [h2] Other works [/ h2] In addition, Terry Pratchett wrote: Sci-fi series about Johnny Maxwell.

A comic book on cat breeding "The Cat Without Fools" ( The Unadulterated Cat , 1989).

Trilogy for children and adolescents "Nomes" ( The Bromeliad ) - consisting of the books "Hijackers" ( Truckers , 1989), Diggers ( Diggers , 1990) and Wings ( Wings , 1990).

Pratchett was personally involved in development of one of the computer games on the Discworld.

Pratchett`s novel "Fantastic Maurice and his educated rodents" ( The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents , 2001) was recognized as the best children`s novel 2001 year, the award itself was presented in 2002.

[h2] Collaboration [/ h2] "Good Omens" ( Good Omens , 1990), the work, co-written with Neil Gaiman ( Neil Gaiman ), has also become quite popular, and for some time now there have been rumors of a possible adaptation of it.

With Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, Pratchett wrote Discworld Science ( The Science of Discworld , 1999), Discworld Science II: Ball ( The Science of Discworld II: The Globe , 2002) and "Discworld Science III: Darwin`s Views" ( The Science of Discworld III: Darwin`s Watch , 2005), "Discworld Science IV: Judgment Day" ([ i] The Science of Discworld IV: Judgment Day, 2013) Together with Stephen Baxter Pratchett wrote the "Endless Earth" trilogy ( The Long Earth , 2012), "Endless War" ( The Long War , 2013), "Endless Mars" ( The Long Mars , 2014).

[h1] Adaptations [/ h1] [h2] Comics [/ h2] Based on the books "The Color of Magic" ( The Color of Magic ), "The Mad Star" ( The Light Fantastic ), " Pestilence "( Mort ) and" Sentinels! Guards! "( Guards! Guards! ) comics were created.

[H2] Theater [/ h2] Several of Pratchett`s novels have been remade by Stephen Briggs ( Stephen Briggs ) into plays.

Many scripts were published: "The Prophetic Sisters: The Play" ( Wyrd Sisters: The Play , 1996) "The Mor: The Play" ( Mort: The Play , 1996) Johnny and the Dead , 1996) (not from the Discworld series) "Guardians! Guards !: Play "( Guards! Guards !: The Play , 1997) " To Arms! To Arms !: A play "( Men at Arms: The Play , 1997) " Masquerade "( Maskerade , 1998) < li> "Carpe Jugulum. Grab by the throat "( Carpe Jugulum , 1998) " The Truth "( The Truth , 2000) " Interesting times "( Interesting Times , 2002) " Night Watch "( Night Watch , 2000) in 2003 received the Prometheus Award [/ i ] "Monstrous Regiment" ( Monstrous Regiment , 2004) "Patriot" ( Jingo ) < li> "Going Postal ) [h2] Television [/ h2] Hijackers ( Truckers , UK, 1992) "Johnny and the Dead" ( Johnny and the Dead , 1995) for Children & rsquo; s ITV on ITV1 Johnny was played by Andrew Falvery ( Andrew Falvery ), William Stickers was played by Brian Blessed ( Brian Blessed ), and Alderman Bowler was played by George Baker ([ i] George Baker ).

"Rock Music" ( Soul Music , UK, 1997) "Prophetic Sisters" ([i ] Wyrd Sisters , UK, 1997) Johnny and the Bomb , UK, 2006)   Two-part TV movie "Santa Hryakus" ( Hogfather , Great Britain, 2006). One of the episodic roles was played by Terry Pratchett himself.

On March 3, 2008, the premiere of the TV movie The Color of Magic took place.

[ h2] Animation [/ h2] According to the "Hijackers" ( Truckers ), the studio Cosgrove Hall created a cartoon for Thames Television .

According to "Things Sisters" ( Wyrd Sisters ) and "Rock Music" ( Soul Music ) by studio Cosgrove Hall cartoons were created for Channel 4 .

[h2] Radio [/ h2] For BBC Radio 4 such books as "Sentinels! Sentinels!" ( Guards! Guards! ), "Prophetic Sisters" ( Wyrd Sisters ) and "Pestilence" ( Mort ) were turned into serial radio plays, and A 90-minute radio play was created from The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents . [h2] Video games [/ h2] Four official games were created based on the Discworld universe (not just one book). The character of the first three games is Rincewind, the last game is a new hero created by the developers - detective Lewton ( Lewton ). All games were created in the adventure genre (the first game was a text quest), were not published in Russia, and were generally positively evaluated by players.

The Color of Magic ("The color of magic "; 1986; developer - Delta 4 ; publisher - Piranha Games ) Discworld (" Discworld "; 1995; Developed by Perfect 10 Productions and Teeny Weeny Games ; Published by Psygnosis ) Discworld 2 : Missing Presumed ...!? ("Discworld 2: Groundless ...!?"; 1996; developer - Perfect 10 Productions ; publisher - Psygnosis ) Discworld Noir (Discworld Noir; 1999; Developed by Perfect 10 Productions ; Published by GT Interactive Software ) (published in Russia by Fargus, with Russian translation of the text) [h1] Interesting facts [/ h1] According to statistics, Pratchett throughout 1990 -s was the most widely read author in Great Britain, of his books published in solid more than any other living writer. By some estimates, his books account for about 1% of all books sold in the UK, with a total circulation of more than 40 million (in different languages).

Pratchett noted that he takes a rest when “writing, walking, works on a computer, lives.

" He also had a tendency to wear big black hats, like the ones seen on the inside covers of many of his books.

Pratchett`s books were overwhelmed by a sea of ​​admiration from literary critics, which is not typical for books of this genre. In 2000, the Science Fiction Foundation published the book "Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature?" - a collection of essays on his work, edited by Andrew M.

Butler ( Andrew M.

Butler ), Edward James ( Edward James ) and Farah Mendleson ( Farah Mendlesohn ).

Two small quiz books were written by David Langford ( David Langford ): "Problems from the Unseen University" ( The Unseen University Challenge ) and "The Wyrdest Link" ( The Wyrdest Link ).

Pratchett was one of the first authors to use the Internet to connect with fans and has supported the newsgroup for a decade Usenet July 31, 2005 Pratchett criticized the widespread media hype of Harry Potter by J.K.

Rowling ( Joanne Rowling )), complaining that some people in the media believe that "the rise in popularity of J.K.

Rowling can only be achieved at the expense of other writers." His comments were later taken out of context and taken as personal attacks on Rowling herself and not on the media.

[h1] Links [/ h1] Terry`s first post in Discworld Monthly Pratchett Forum L-Space (Terry Pratchett`s biggest fan site) Pratchett. Info (the largest Russian site about Terry Pratchett) Discworld Maps Terry Pratchett Worlds Shop Pratchett. Org (Russian site about Terry Pratchett: articles, translations and reviews) "Sense of humor - from dad" Interview with writer Terry Pratchett Terry Pratchett at FantLab & # 039; e

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