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Henry Steadman is a successful surgeon with a thriving cosmetic practice in South Florida. He`s divorced, but on good terms with his ex-wife and remains very active in his daughter`s life. But you never know what`s just around the corner. An out-of-town traffic stop goes violently wrong as the cop who was about to arrest Henry is shot repeatedly, and the killer escapes the scene. Henry is shell-shocked. To all the witness`s eyes, he had the perfect motive to murder the cop.He seeks help from his only friend in the area, but what he finds there seals his fate. His friend has been butchered and Henry now knows someone is framing him for a double murder. A state-wide man-hunt is ordered. On the run, trying to avoid dead-ends, only one person believes Henry: sympathetic state-trooper Carrie, who has seen her fair share of tragedy.As Henry frantically figures out who would want to frame him, Carrie tries to keep the faith as more incriminating evidence against Henry surfaces. She has to lie to her own police force, praying that she has made the right choice. The trail of set-ups leads them to another father on a twisted path to revenge – and Henry must face up to just what it is he`s been a part of.

257 pages, published in

A book by 19777

Andrew Gross (eng.

Andrew Gross ) American writer Born in New York in 1954, the son of the owners of the second largest US women`s clothing company - The Leslie Fay Company, Inc . His grandfather Fred P.

Pomerantz, who founded the company in 1947 and named it after his daughter, was a colorful figure in the sewing business, incl. known as a gambler. Andrew was educated in English at Middlebury College and then at Columbia University with a degree in economics. After graduation, he worked in a family company, later - successfully in the business of selling sports equipment and sportswear, rising to the position of president HEAD ( skiing and tennis). In the late 90s he writes a thriller and sends it to the publisher, which gets reviewed by James Patterson . Instead of a review, James Patterson offers Andrew to collaborate on the sequel to his Women`s Murder Club series. Andrew Gross becomes a professional writer. Their collaboration lasted seven years, 6 books were written, incl. the most successful in the opinion of Gross "Jester" (The Jester, 2003). All books have become New York Times bestsellers, with total sales of over 15 million copies. In the wake of success in 2005, publisher William Morrow (William Morrow) signs a personal contract with Andrew Gross for 3 books, the first of which was "The Blue Zone" (The Blue Zone, 2007), and the second - "The Dark Tide" , 2008), in which the serial hero - detective Ty Hawk appears. Andrew Gross lives in Westchester County, New York with his wife Lynn, three children and two dogs.  Personal website , MySpace page , < a href = "http://www.facebook.com/pages/Andrew-Gross/36316262379?ref=ts"> Facebook page .  Bibliography Series Women`s Murder Club (with James Patterson) - Women`s Detective Club (with D.

Patterson) 2002 - 2.

2nd Chance - Second Chance 2004 - 3.

3rd Degree - Third Degree 2008 - A Women`s Murder Club Omnibus (omnibus) Ty Hauck - Ty Hawk 2008 - 1.

The Dark Tide - Hours of Darkness 2009 - 2.

Don`t Look Twice 2010 - 3.

Reckless Novels 2003 - The Jester (with James Patterson) - Jester 2005 - The Lifeguard (with James Patterson) - Lifeguard 2006 - Judge and Jury (with James Patterson) - Judges and Jury 2007 - The Blue Zone - Blue Zone

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