Stalin`s Music Prize: Soviet Culture and Politics Book

Stalin`s Music Prize: Soviet Culture and Politics by Marina Frolova-Walker

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Marina Frolova-Walker’s fascinating history takes a new look at musical life in Stalin’s Soviet Union. The author focuses on the musicians and composers who received Stalin Prizes, awarded annually to artists whose work was thought to represent the best in Soviet culture. This revealing study sheds new light on the Communist leader’s personal tastes, the lives and careers of those honored, including multiple-recipients Prokofiev and Shostakovich, and the elusive artistic concept of “Socialist Realism,” offering the most comprehensive examination to date of the relationship between music and the Soviet state from 1940 through 1954.

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Marina Frolova-Walker

A book by Marina Frolova-Walker

Marina Frolova-Walker FBA (Russian: Marina Frolova-Walker; born 1966) is a Russian-born British musicologist and music historian, who specialises in German Romanticism, Russian and Soviet music, and nationalism in music. She is Professor of Music History and Director of Studies in Music at Clare College, Cambridge. She has authored several books and a number of academic articles.

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