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The Fall of Light by Neil Williams

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"Teige Foley was only a boy when his mother vanished angrily into the Irish mist and the family`s great adventure began. His father, Francis, a man of thwarted dreams, dared to steal a valuable telescope from the manor house where he worked. More than a spyglass, it was his passage to the stars, to places he could not otherwise go. And its theft forced Francis Foley and his four sons to flee the narrow life of poverty that imprisoned them." But Ireland was a country "wilder than it is now." Torn apart by the violent countryside, the young boys would lose sight of their father, and each would have to find his own path…Tomas, the eldest, weak for the pleasures of the flesh…Finan, who would chase his longings across the globe…Finbar, Finan`s twin, surrendering to other people`s magic…and Teige, the youngest, the one who has a way with horses, the only one to truly return home. From boarding house to gypsy caravans, from the sere fields where potatoes wither on their stalks to fertile new lands on the other side of the earth, apart and adrift, reunited and reborn, they would learn about the callings of God, the power of love, and the meaning of family in a place where stars look down — and men look up.

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Neil Williams

A book by Neil Williams

Neil Williams / Niall Williams - Irish writer. Was born in Dublin in 1958. He studied at University College Dublin, where he studied English and French literature. After graduating from this educational institution, Neil became a specialist in modern American literature. In 1980, he moved from Ireland to New York, where he married Christine Breen, the girl he went to college with. His first job in New York was as a box opener at Fox and Sutherland`s Bookshop in Mount Kisco. He then worked as a copywriter for the New York publishing house Avon Books. And after that, Neil Williams decided to return to Ireland and try himself there as a writer. Together with his wife, they moved to a cottage located in the Irish county of Co Clare - this house was left to them by Christine`s grandfather, who eighty years ago decided to move to America. Neil co-wrote his first four books with his wife, Christine, about their life together in Co Clare. Then he began writing plays, and in 1991 the first of them, The Murphy Initiative, was staged at The Abbey Theater in Dublin. The next play was called "A Little Like Paradice" and was staged there in 1995. And the third, The Way You Look Tonight, was staged at Galway`s Druid Theater Company in 1999. Neil Williams` first novel was published in 1991 and was titled Four Letters of Love. This work became an international bestseller, and residents of 20 countries were able to read it. Neil`s second novel is called As It Is In Heaven. It was published in 1999 and shortlisted for the Irish Times Literature Prize. In addition, Neil Williams wrote the novels The Fall Of Light, Only Say The Word, Boy In The World and the sequel to the latter, Boy And Man. In 2014, Neil`s new novel, History Of The Rain, was published by Bloomsbury. Neil also wrote several screenplays. Author`s site:

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