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In Danielle Steel`s thrilling new novel, a renowned film director confronts an act of unimaginable treachery – and the first devastating blow will not be the last.


At thirty-nine, Tallie Jones is a Hollywood legend. Her work as a film director is her passion and the center of her life; one after another, her award-winning productions achieve the rare combination of critical and commercial success. With no interest in the perks of her profession or the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, Tallie maintains close and loving relationships with her college-age daughter and her aging father, and has a happy collaboration with Hunter Lloyd, her respected producing partner, confidant, and live-in lover. Rounding out the circle and making it all work is Brigitte Parker, Tallie`s devoted personal assistant. Friends since film school, they are a study in contrasts, with Brigitte`s polished glamour balancing Tallie`s artless natural beauty, and her hard-driving, highly organized style a protective shield for Tallie`s casual, down-to-earth approach.

As Tallie is in the midst of directing the most ambitious film she has yet undertaken, small disturbances begin to ripple through her well-ordered world. An outside audit reveals troubling discrepancies in the financial records maintained by Victor Carson, Tallie`s longtime, trusted accountant. Mysterious receipts hint at activities of which she has no knowledge. Soon it becomes clear that someone close to Tallie has been steadily funneling away enormous amounts of her money. In the wake of an escalating series of shattering revelations, Tallie will find herself playing the most dangerous game of all – to trap a predator stalking her in plain sight.

In this riveting novel, Danielle Steel reveals the dark side of fame and fortune. At the same time, she brilliantly captures a woman`s will to navigate a minefield of hurt and loss – toward a new beginning.

234 pages, published in
Daniela Steele

A book by Daniela Steele

Danielle Fernande Dominique Schuelein-Steel (born August 14, 1947 in New York, USA) is the author of numerous bestselling novels. The total circulation of her books today is over 125 million copies. She has sold over 550 million books (2005 figures). 23 of her short stories were filmed. Her works have been translated into 35 languages ​​in 48 countries of the world.  Childhood Daniela Steele grew up in the family of entrepreneur John Shulein-Steele and the daughter of Portuguese diplomat Norma de Camara Stone-Reis. Daniela spent her childhood in France with her parents. She often attended dinner parties and receptions, which allowed her to get to know the world of the rich and famous from the inside. Her parents divorced when the girl was seven. After that, she and her father left for New York, and her mother remained in Europe. Her upbringing was fully taken up by John Schulain. Even as a child, she began to write stories, and as a teenager she began to write poetry. The future writer received her secondary education in France, in 1963 she graduated from the design school. From 1963 to 1967, she studied at New York University.  First steps In 1965, when Daniele was only 18, she married the banker Claude Eric Lazard. She continued her studies at the university and began writing her first novel. After the birth of her first daughter, Beatrice, in 1968, Steele became a copywriter for an advertising agency and later became a public relations manager in San Francisco. The clients were very pleased with the press releases and projects that Daniela Steele wrote. One of them even recommended that she get serious about writing. The relationship with her husband ended nine years after the wedding. Before the divorce, her first book, Home, was published. This work included those elements by which readers now recognize the hand of the master. In particular, these are family values, past events and tragic fates of the main characters.  Writer Steele got married again. This time, Dani Zugelder became the chosen one of the writer. Their marriage quickly fell apart. The next husband of Daniela Steele was a former drug addict William Toth. Soon she gave birth to a son, Nicholas, and after that she divorced her husband and sued the rights to the child. This experience formed the basis for her next novel, The Promise of Passion, in which the protagonist falls in love with a drug addict. In another novel, Remembrance, she also describes the fear and pain of a woman who is trying to help her drug-addicted husband. The writer is optimistic about the future and marries for the fourth time in 1981 to the writer John Train. He adopts her son Nick and gives him his last name. She in turn adopts John`s children from Trevor and Tod`s first marriage. Together they have five children - Samantha, Victoria, Vanessa, Max and Zara. Daniela Steele has always tried to spend more time with her children. She wrote at night and slept only four hours. She can publish several books a year. As the writer herself admits, work on one novel can take two and a half years.  Nicholas Train In 1993, Steele sued the writer, who in his book revealed the truth that the biological father of her son Nick is actually William Thoth, and not John Train. However, the judge considered that since Daniela Steele is a public person, this case does not fall under the "secret of adoption" law and therefore the ill-fated book was published. The children of the writer did not know before that their brother Nick was adopted by John. Steele accused the author of the book that he destroyed her marriage. Using this sad experience, she wrote the novel Malice, in which the main character`s happy marriage collapses due to the fact that the tabloids unearthed the truth about her past, which she carefully concealed for many years. Her son Nicholas, who was at the center of this scandal, committed suicide in 1997 due to drug addiction. In memory of him, Daniela Steele wrote a book about her beloved son "His Bright Light". She also founded the Nick Traina Foundation, which helps people with psychological disabilities.  Life goes on Steele married for the fifth time to Silicon Valley financier Tom Perkins, but the marriage lasted less than two years and ended in 1999. The writer admits that her novel "The Clone and Me" was dedicated to her ex-husband. In 2003, the novelist opened an art gallery in San Francisco. And in 2006 she released Daniela perfume. This fragrance, created especially for Miss Steele`s readers, is sold in only a few stores. The writer lives in San Francisco, but also loves to travel to France. By the way, most of her novels take place in San Francisco.  Bibliography 1973 Going Home 1977 Passion`s Promise 1978 Now and Forever 1978 The Promise 1979 Golden Moments 1980 Season of Passion 1980 Summer`s End 1980 The Ring 1981 Palomino (Samantha) Palomino 1981 Come back, love! / To Love Again 1981 "Memories" / Remembrance 1981 "Loving" / Loving 1982 "Once in a Lifetime" / Once In A Lifetime 1982 "Crossings" / Crossings 1983 "A Perfect Stranger" / A Perfect Stranger 1983 "Dear Destiny" / Thurston House 1983 Changes 1984 Full Circle 1985 Family Album 1985 Secrets 1986 Wanderlust 1987 Fine Things 1987 Kaleidoscope 1988 Zoya 1989 Star 1989 Daddy 1990 Message from Nam 1991 Heartbeat 1991 No Greater Love 1992 Jewels 1992 Mixed Blessings 1993 Vanished 1994 Accident 1994 The Gift 1994 Wings 1995 Lightning 1995 Five Days in Paris 1996 Angry intent "/ Malice 1996" Silent honor "/ Silent Honor 1997" Ranch "/ The Ranch 1997" Special package " (Age of Love) / Special Delivery 1997 "The Ghost" / The Ghost 1998 "The Long Road Home" / The Long Road Home 1998 "The Clone and I" (Peter, Paul and I) / The Klone and I 1998 "His Bright Light" / His Bright Light 1998 "Mirror Image" / Mirror Image 1999 "Bitter Honey" / Bittersweet 1999 "Granny Dan" (Old Letters) / Granny Dan 1999 "Forbidden Love" / Irresistible Forces 2000 "Wedding" / The Wedding 2000 "House on the Street Hope "(Unexpected novel) / The House on Hope Street 2000" Journey "/ Journey 2001" Flight of a lifetime "2001" Faith "(Turns of fate) / Leap of Faith 2001" Kiss "/ The Kiss 2002" Cottage "/ The Cottage 2002 Sunset in Saint Tropez 2002 Answered Prayers 2003 Dating Game 2003 Johnny Angel 2003 Safe Harbor 2004 "Ransom" / Ransom 2004 "Second Chance" / Second Chance 2004 "Echoes" / Echoes 2005 "Impossible" / Impossible 2005 "Miracle" 2005 Toxic Bachelors 2006 The House 2006 Coming Out 2006 Her Royal Highness / HRH 2007 Sisters 2007 Amazing Grace 2008 Honor Thyself "2008" Bungalow 2 "/ Bungalow 2 2008" Rogue "2008" A Good Woman "/ A Good Woman 2009" Once and forever "/" "One Day at a Time" 2009 "Matters Of The Heart" 2009 shining "/" "Southern Lights" "2010" At a glance "/" "First Sight" " Titles, awards and prizes Daniela Steele is included in the Guinness Book of Records - as an author, whose book was 412 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.  Screen adaptations 1983 - Now and forever 1986 - Crossroads 1990 - All is good 1990 - Kaleidoscope 1991 - Daddy 1991 - Palomino 1991 - Change 1992 - Jewels 1992 - Secrets 1993 - Letter from Saigon 1993 - Star 1993 - Beating hearts 1994 - Family Album 1994 - The Perfect Stranger 1994 - Once in a Lifetime 1995 - Blessing 1995 - Gone 1995 - Zoya 1995 - The Ring 1996 - The Vicious Circle 1996 - Remembrance 1996 - There is no Greater Love 2007 - Safe Haven

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