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Night of a Thousand Stars by Deanna Raybourne

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Return to a Jazz Age tale of grand adventure by New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn On the verge of a stilted life as an aristocrat`s wife, Poppy Hammond does the only sensible thing - she flees the chapel in her wedding gown. Assisted by the handsome curate who calls himself Sebastian Cantrip, she spirits away to her estranged father`s quiet country village, pursued by the family she left in uproar. But when the dust of her broken engagement settles and Sebastian disappears under mysterious circumstances, Poppy discovers there is more to her hero than it seems. With only her feisty lady`s maid for company, Poppy secures employment and travels incognita - east across the seas, chasing a hunch and the whisper of clues. Danger abounds beneath the canopies of the silken city, and Poppy finds herself in the perilous sights of those who will stop at nothing to recover a fabled ancient treasure. Torn between allegiance to her kindly employer and a dashing, shadowy figure, Poppy will risk it all as she attempts to unravel a much larger plan - one that stretches to the very heart of the British government, and one that could endanger everything, and everyone, that she holds dear.

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Deanna Raybourn (Deanna Raybourn) - American writer, author of historical detective stories. Deanna was born on June 17, 1968 in the American city of Fort Worth. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in English and History with an emphasis on studying the life and work of William Shakespeare. She taught English at San Antonio High School before taking up book writing. "Sex, lies and amazing description of clothes" - this is how one reader described Deanna`s debut novel "Silent in the Grave", published in December 2007. Deanna lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter. Author`s site

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