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Hard Luck Grift by Bard constantine

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What’s more dangerous than gambling with dirty money? Mick Trubble is just the man to find out.

Dealing with a bout of post-case depression leads Mick to the casinos, where he quickly accumulates a pile of debt to dangerous people. It’s only when he meets a beautiful, mysterious woman named Faye that his luck begins to change.

Faye teaches him the skills of winning at the tables, and together they start a mutually beneficial partnership to con the dealers. But when Mick digs into Faye’s mysterious life, he discovers more than just a troubled past.

Beating the odds at the casinos might not be Mick’s biggest challenge. When you play the game of hearts, all bets are on the table, and the game becomes more dangerous than ever before.

Hard Luck Grift is a direct prequel to New Haven Blues, exploring events that directly tie into the debut novel of the Troubleshooter.

39 pages, published in
Bard constantine

A book by Bard constantine

Bard Constantine is a self-described neo-pulp author. In his own words: "My stories aren`t life-changing.

They`re not what critics would call fine literature.

My stories are throwbacks to the paperbacks you`d stuff in your back pocket and read on the bus, at the park , or in math class instead of doing your algebra.

I write adventure stories.

Genre-blended, action-oriented pulp fiction with a kick.

If that`s what you`re looking for, then I`m your guy.

" If you pick up a Bard Constantine story, chances are you`re looking for gritty futures, post-apocalyptic landscapes, dystopian dreams, epic fantasy, sweeping adventure, chilling suspense, humorous jargon, cyberpunk cities, and dynamic characters. But he`s not just a writer of genre fiction. He`s also a reader - a fan. The type of guy who will happily engage in discussions on Star Wars, comic book movies, great television shows - you name it, he has an enthusiastic opinion. So check out a Bard book and see what you think. Chances are, you`ll probably have an enthusiastic opinion too. Bard currently resides in Birmingham, Al with his wife. He works full-time in the flour milling industry so you can have bread on your table. Lover of movies, books, art, photography, and procrastination.

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