Mathematical Olympiad Challenges, 2Ed Book

Mathematical Olympiad Challenges, 2Ed by 37182

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A book by 37182

Titu Andreescu Titu Andreescu.

Titu Andreescu received his doctorate from the Western University in Timisoara, Romania. The topic of his dissertation was "Research on Diophantine: Analysis and Application." Professor Andreescu currently teaches at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is the President of the USA in the Mathematics Olympiad, served as the director of the American Maths MAA Competition (1998-2003), Coach of the USA in the International Olympiad in Mathematics Team (IMO) for 10 years (1993-2002), Director of the Mathematics Olympiads in the Summer Program (1995 -2002), Team Leader USA IMO (1995-2002). In 2002, Tito was elected a member of the advisory board of MMO (one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of mathematics). Titu is one of the founders of the 2006 AwesomeMath Summer Program (DSDM). He received the 1994 Edith Sliff Award and Certificate of Recognition from the President of the MAA in 1995 for his outstanding performance as a US Math Team Coach. Titu is the author of numerous textbooks and problem books, recognized all over the world.  Author`s Page

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