The Sorcerer Knight

The Sorcerer Knight by Robert Ryan (Kingshield)

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[img][/img] [br] Faran flees enemies who would kill him. But his greatest threat is his protector… Fate has chosen him as the prophesied Seventh Knight. Supposedly, he will rise to combat the forces of evil. He wants no part of that. But he does have a destiny, and one of his own choosing. The king and his six knights seek Faran’s death for what he might become. But in turn, he seeks theirs for what they have already done. They brought fire and murder to his village, and destroyed all that he ever knew and loved. For this, he will make them pay. But justice comes at a price. He does not have the skills with blade or magic to challenge his enemies. So he must begin to learn them, even if it sets him on the path of knighthood. He dedicates himself to study the arts of those he hates, and bides his time. But his enemies hunt him. And the wizard who will become Osahka to him, The Guide, and teach him the ways of the knights, brings with him a deadly danger that no one foresees…

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Robert Ryan (Kingshield)

A book by Robert Ryan (Kingshield)

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