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A fantasy adventure following network journalist Gaby McAslan to Africa to research the Kilimanjaro Event – a meteor which landed in Kenya causing the African landscape to give way to the “Chaga”, an alien flora able to destroy all man-made materials and mould human flesh, bone and spirit.

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Ian MacDonald was born on March 31, 1960 in Manchester (England). At the age of five, Ian moved with his family to Northern Ireland. The growing up of the future author took place against the background of the so-called "Problems" of 1968 - 1999, which could not but leave a certain imprint on his attitude (later, many of Ian`s works in one way or another will touch upon the problems of postcolonialism and the relationship of the "third world" countries with the former metropolises) ... In 1982, the magazine "Extro" published MacDonald`s debut work - the story "The Island of the Dead". The next four stories were published in Asimov`s magazine, after which the editor Sean McCarthy invited the author to try her hand at writing a novel. In 1988, Desolation Road, Ian said, was inspired by Ray Bradbury`s The Martian Chronicles and Marquez`s One Hundred Years of Solitude. The novel was critically acclaimed and won the 1989 Locus Award for Best Debut Novel. This was followed by the action-packed dystopia in the spirit of Vonnegut "Out on Blue Six" (1989) (nominated for "Locus"), fantasy "King of Morning, Queen of Day" (1991) (originally conceived as a counterpoint to the book McAvoy`s "The Book of Kells," which in Ian`s view was an overtly outdated take on Irish mythology), the Philip K.

Dick Award-winning flick, the extravagantly adventurous flick Hearts, Hands, and Voices (1992) ( nominated for Locus, Clarke and British SF Award), kaleidoscopic horror Necroville (1994), lyric cyberpunk Rock, Scissors, Paper (1994) (won the Kurd Laßwitz Award in 1995 Best Foreign Novel), science fiction novels from the Chaga Saga series, complex cyberpunk novel River of the Gods (2004), 2005 British SF Award and Hugo nomination, Clarke, Tiptree, Locus, and several other novels. Among the writer`s short prose, critics single out the short stories "Unfinished Portrait of the King of Pain by Van Gogh" (1988) (nominated for "Locus" and "Nebula"), "Listen" (1989), "Toward Kilimanjaro" (1990), Innocents (1992) (won the British SF Award), The Djinn`s Wife (2006), and The Story of Tendeleo (2000) (won the Sturgeon Award), and The Little Goddess (2005) (nominated for Hugo, Sturgeon Award, Locus, Asimov`s Reader Poll). Ian McDonald currently resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is the Head of Development for a large telecommunications company.

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