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With Mercy Towards None by Glen Charles Cook

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Glen Charles Cook

A book by Glen Charles Cook


Glen Cook; born July 9, 1944) While still in elementary school, Glen Cook began to write; in high school, he already wrote individual articles for the school newspaper. After graduating from high school, he served in the United States Navy. Then he went to college. Glen Cook started writing in earnest in 1970. The first fantasy novel was published in 1972.

During this time he worked on the assembly line of the General Motors automobile plant. According to the author, his work was too simple and left a lot of free time for creativity. In fact, Glen Cook admits, he wrote three books in a year at the car factory. It was at this time that the first novel from the series "Chronicles of the Black Squad" was written, the plot of which covers the history of a mercenary squad over several decades. At the present time, the cycle, numbering 10 published books, has actually become a classic of the genre, enjoying particular popularity among former and active military personnel. When Glen Cook was asked about the reasons for the popularity of the series, he replied: “The main characters behave just like real guys would act in their place. This is not a chanting of war; just people doing their job. The main characters are real soldiers. They are not at all like soldiers, as people who have never served in the army imagine them. This is exactly what the guys who have completed the service like ”. Also known are other cycles of Glen Cook - "The Adventures of Garrett", which is a fantasy detective story, and "Empire of Horror". Currently, Glen Cook has left his job at General Motors and, although he now has an entire week at his disposal, he feels that before, when he was still working, he was more productive as a writer. All major series of the author have been translated into Russian.

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