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Alexandre Dumas - father (full name - Marquis Alexandre Dumas Davis de La Payetri) (1802-1870) Outstanding French playwright, novelist, poet, writer, storyteller, biographer, journalist and generally an outstanding person, born 24 July 1802 in the city of Ville-Cotrets, near Paris. His father, also Alexandre Dumas, was a Napoleonic general and one of the emperor`s closest friends. However, he subsequently fell out with Napoleon, as a result of which his family was left without a livelihood. After the death of General Dumas in 1806, his widow Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Labourt, daughter Alexandrina-Aimé and son Alexander lived in poverty, and little Alexander often poached himself for food. At the age of 20, he came to conquer Paris. At first, he worked as a clerk for the Duke of Orleans, the future King of France, Louis-Phillip, between the service, dreaming of glory and engaging in the first literary experiments. His first great success after numerous unsuccessful attempts to stage his play in one of the theaters - the drama "Henry III and His Court" (1829) made him famous. Then came such masterpieces as "Anthony" (1831), "Richard Darlington" (1831), "Nelskaya Tower" (1832), and others. The most famous of his works are historical dramas, written in collaboration with Auguste Macke: The Three Musketeers (1844), The Count of Monte Cristo (1845), and Queen Margot (1847). Dumas`s life was full of adventures no less than the lives of the characters in his works: constant travels, hundreds of young mistresses, mainly actresses, five illegitimate children (these are only recognized; most likely, the number of his children is much larger), huge fees and even more huge expenses.

which eventually led Dumas to bankruptcy. Alexander Dumas passed away on December 5, 1870, having managed to write and publish more than 500 volumes of works of all kinds of genres - an amazing, unsurpassed fertility, born of genius and hard work.

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