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Ted Chan was born in 1967 in Port Jefferson, New York. After graduating from Brown University in Providence (Rhode Island) with a degree in computers, Chan worked in various companies and government agencies, after which he moved to the West Coast, Washington state, where he chose a life "on free bread": he earns computer programs and writes science fiction from time to time. Chan`s impressive debut in the genre was the story "The Tower of Babel" (1990), which immediately earned the author a debutant a Nebula Prize, plus two nominations for Hugo and a Locus magazine. Since then, the writer has published only eleven short stories and novellas, but almost every work was nominated for the highest awards of the genre. As a result, the stories brought the writer four more awards - two "Nebula" awards, one "Hugo" (the work that made a double was the 2001 story "Hell Is the Absence of God"), plus the John Campbell Prize and Theodore Sturgeon Prize. In 2002, Chan`s first author`s collection, Stories of Your Life and Others, was released. His record remains unattainable: more than two dozen nominations and six highest awards of the genre for a dozen works of small form!

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