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Robert Jordan

A book by Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan $$ 0 $$ (English Robert Jordan; October 17, 1948 - September 16, 2007) - the pseudonym of the American writer; real name - James Oliver Rigney Jr.

(English James Oliver Rigney, Jr.). He is widely known as the author of the "Wheel of Time" cycle. He also wrote under the names Regan O`Neal and Jackson O`Reilly. Robert Jordan was born on October 17, 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina. From 1968 to 1970 he took part in two expeditions to Vietnam, where he received the "Bronze Star", two Vietnam Courage Crosses and other awards. A graduate of the military college The Citadel, where in the mid-70s he received a degree in physics. He began writing in 1977 (mainly in the fantasy genre). Robert Jordan wrote his early novels under the pseudonym Regan O`Neill, a historical family series that began in 1980 with The Fallon Blood. The Western "Cheyenne Raiders" was signed by Jackson O`Reilly in 1982. Since 1982, the writer began publishing under the name Robert Jordan. First it was a novelization of one of the films about Conan, and then six more books about the mighty barbarian. In 1990, the novel The Eye of the World was released, which became the first in the large-scale fantasy cycle Wheel of Time. It was the books of this series that made Robert Jordan famous all over the world. The "Wheel of Time" surpasses "War and Peace" in its volume and number of characters. At the moment, 11 volumes have been written, and the author promised another one, but died before he could finish writing the 12th book "A Memory Of Light". There are already over 1,700 characters in the fan databases. In the world of Jordan, there are more than ten nations, each with its own traditions and characteristics, as well as a very special ogir race. Until his last days, the writer lived in Charleston with his wife Harriet McDougal, who works as an editor at the Tor publishing house, and to whom he dedicated his books. He died on September 16, 2007 at about 14:45 (EST) from cardiac amyloidosis. Bibliography The Wheel of Time Series The Eye of the World (January 15, 1990) - The Eye of the World The Great Hunt (November 15, 1990) - The Great Hunt The Dragon Reborn (October 15, 1992) - The Shadow Rising (15 September 1992) - "Shadow Rising" The Fires of Heaven (October 15, 1993) - "Lights of Heaven" Lord of Chaos (October 15, 1994) - "Lord of Chaos" A Crown of Swords (May 15, 1996) - "Crown of Swords" The Path of Daggers (October 20, 1998) - "Path of Daggers" Winter`s Heart (November 9, 2000) - "Heart of Winter" Crossroads of Twilight (January 7, 2003) - "Twilight Crossroads" Knife of Dreams (October 11, 2005) - "Dream Knife" "A Memory of Light (unfinished) -" Memory of Light "(working title, will be completed by Brandon Sanderson from the writer`s drafts) [1]. The book is planned to be published by the end of 2009. The cycle is joined by New Spring (as part of the anthology "Legends") (February 1998) - "New Spring" - a story New Spring (January 2004) - "New Spring" - a novel that includes a revised story from the anthology ... The beginning of a series of 3 books describing the backstory of the events of the "Wheel of Time". The rest of the books Jordan planned to write after the end of the main cycle. The World of Robert Jordan`s The Wheel of Time (November 13, 1998) (co-authored with Teresa Patterson) - An Illustrated Guide to the Wheel of Time, includes the story “Striking Shayol Ghul” (“The Strike at Shayol Ghul ") The Strike at Shayol Ghul (1996 - posted on the Internet, 1998 - published as part of the" Illustrated Guide to the World of the Wheel of Time ") -" Strike at Shayol Ghul "- story Conan Jordan had a hand in the famous world Howard, having written 7 novels. Conan the Destroyer (1984) - "Conan the Destroyer" Conan the Defender (1982) - "Shadow of the Sovereign - Conan the Protector" Conan the Victorious (1984) - "Demon Trap" Conan the Invincible (1982) - "Black Stone of Amanar" Conan the Unconquered (1983) - "Heart of Chaos" Conan the Triumphant (1983) - "The Secret of the Gate of Al-Kiir" Conan the Magnificent (1984) - "Conan and the Fire Beast" Fallon Series (as Regan O`Neill) Historical novels about the Civil the war in America. The Fallon Blood (1980) The Fallon Pride (1981) The Fallon Legacy (1982) Selected novels The Cheyenne Raiders (1982) (as Jackson O`Reilly) “I`m not a teacher, I`m not a guru or a prophet. I`m just a storyteller.

" © Robert Jordan Robert Jordan is a pseudonym. The real name of this American writer is James Oliver Rigney Jr. Most of his life he lived where he was born in 1948, in Charleston, South Carolina. Jordan has a brother who is 12 years older, and he quite strongly influenced the formation of literary tastes. “When my parents had no one to leave me with, my brother played the role of a nanny,” he recalls, “He read to me instead of children`s books by Wells, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, so I was already involved in good science fiction.” In the biography of Jordan, there are two expeditions to Vietnam as part of the American army (1968-70), a Bronze Star and a number of other awards. After Vietnam, he enters the Citadel, a military college in South Carolina, where he earns a degree in physics. Now, Robert Jordan, recalling his studies and work, believes that the physicist - the author of fantasy is a completely natural combination. "You cannot do quantum mechanics without a love of fantasy," he recently remarked, "Schrödinger`s cat [1] is enough to drive any sane logician crazy." After graduation, Jordan works as a nuclear physicist in the US Navy. There he is injured, which leads to a hospital and an abundance of free time. Jordan fills him with reading, but the books soon run out and he begins to write himself. Since then, he has not been able to stop. For more than 10 years he has been married (his wife, Harriet McDougal - vice president of TOR books and editor of Jordan), lives in Charleston, in an old house of 1797. In addition to writing, Jordan is engaged in a lot of history - military history, the history of Charleston. Likes to fish and sail, hunt and play poker, chess, billiards. Collects pipes. But mostly he writes. Jordan believes that fantasy is not like other forms of literature, as it “reaches the depths of a person, reaches for his dreams”. That is why the authors of fantasy, creating their worlds, come to the old days, when it was easy to distinguish between good and evil, and create a universe with clear rules. The most famous books by Robert Jordan are of course the "Wheel of Times" super epic. But even before her, Jordan had his hand in Howard`s world, writing several books about Conan. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Reagan O`Neal (historical novels about the American Civil War, Fallon series), Jackson O`Reilly (westerns), and Chang Lung (theater criticism). “I`ve never put my real name on a book. In the late 70s, I was thinking about a story about Vietnam , and wanted to put my name on it. I decided that I would choose pseudonyms for different genres and different books, just to avoid confusion. People will clearly know - this is fantasy, this is science fiction, this is western, this is history. I never wrote about our time, and now I`m afraid my book about Vietnam will no longer be of interest to anyone. Already 30 years have passed ... “However, of course, it was the Wheel of Times that brought worldwide fame. A complex plot, Byzantine politics, characters who, after many years with them, become almost brothers or sisters for the reader, riddles that fans argue about hoarsely, a rich world, in the creation of which almost all earthly cultures were used (Christian myths, Scandinavia, Arturiana, China, Indians ...) - all this is the Wheel of Times. “My knowledge of physics influenced the idea of ​​`direction`, working with magic. I tried to approach it as if it were a scientific problem and not some unknowable magic. You can even say that these are the Laws of Thermodynamics in a distorted form. I think my historical knowledge has influenced books even more than physics. I did not try to copy any historical cultures or periods, but my understanding of the order of things helped to create a picture of the world of the Wheel. Well, my Vietnamese experience helped too. Not to recreate the tactics of battles, but to convey the state of a person when there is chaos around.

" Recently, Robert Jordan announced that the Wheel of Times will be 12 pieces. “I knew the last scene of The Wheel from the moment I started working on the episode, and it hasn`t changed. I thought I could fit in five or six books. I never thought it would be so long. I did everything as in a historical novel, but a lot, as it turned out, needs to be explained to the reader. In an ordinary history book, the reader has a rough idea of ​​the features of the period he is reading about. But I didn’t write about the Middle Ages, not fantasy with knights in sparkling armor.

“Now the 10th is in turn - Twilight Crossroads, which should be released in early 2003. In addition, there should be three short prequels, one of which is the revised and expanded story New Spring, published in the Legends anthology. “I would like to fix a lot,” says Jordan of his main fantasy project, “and at the same time I don’t want to change anything. I am happy with the plot, everything is going as I intended, the characters of the characters develop as I saw them. In addition, after finishing the book, I do not think about what has been done at all, all my thoughts are turned to the future, to the next book. On the other hand, I am never satisfied with the text itself, it seems to me all the time that something can be done and said better. You just need to go through the text once more, and then once more, and again ...

if it were not for Harriet, I would have been writing one book for five, or even all ten years. “The Wheel of Times, especially his first book, is largely associated with Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien is one of Jordan`s favorite writers, he read it a dozen times (and by the way was pleased with the Peter Jackson film). So these associations are largely caused on purpose. “In the Eye of the World, I kind of show the reader that he is in familiar territory. Here is the "Nine Rings" tavern, and here is the ogir reading the book "Voyage to the West" ...

". This is how, along the familiar road, the reader comes to a completely new and bright world. Though the idea of ​​good versus evil remains the cornerstone of Jordan`s fantasy. “This is what I`m talking about, the need to fight evil, the difficulty of identifying evil. In modern literature, if you start talking about good and evil, you are immediately accused of being old-fashioned and blinkered. The idea of ​​lesser evil is not new. “If I stole it is bad, but my child is starving and may die. What is better for him to die or to steal? ”. But today it has come to permissiveness - there is no morality, there is no truth and untruth - they convince me. We come to Platonic [2] definition of evil. Fortunately, in fantasy, we can talk about truth and untruth, good and evil, and do it honestly. We can talk about morality and ethics and believe that this is important. Therefore, I believe that fantasy is a continuation of the most ancient types of literature. It is enough to remember Beofulf or Gilgamesh. "Oh no, this is not fantasy, this is Literature!" - they tell me. It`s fantasy, like so much more. What will happen next? “There will be no sequels. I am planning another fantasy series, I hope it will be shorter than the Wheel. Another world, other cultures and other problems, although it will still be a story of a clash and change of cultures. And the problem of understanding between a man and a woman think in one way or another. My editor, Harriet, says this is a chance to look inside the Seanchan Empire [3], but no, this is not the Seanchan, just a stratified (maybe more than theirs) and hierarchical culture.

" Sounds interesting. But first we need to wait for Tarmon Gaidon [4], there are only three books left! “Once I thought that if I became a writer I would live in the south of France, write in the morning, and then go to the beach, and some blonde, brunette and redhead in a small bikini would smear oil on my skin. Now I work 60-80 hours a week, and I only get to the beach if my wife drives me away from my desk with a stick.


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