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Indiana Jones & the Peril at Delphi by 31507

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For sixteen centuries the Order of Pythia has awaited the reappearance of the ancient oracle of sacred knowledge at Delphi. An earthquake, rending the earth beneath the ruins, has now heralded her return. Dorian Belecamus, a beautiful and bewitching archaeology professor, sees an opportunity to do more than dig into the past: this is her chance to seize control of her country’s future—by becoming the Oracle of Delphi! And she’s found just the man to help her consummate her scheme. He’s brash, he’s reckless, and he’s fallen under her spell. His name: Indiana Jones.

Their adventure spans the globe from Chicago to Paris to Greece, where, bullwhip in hand, Indy descends into the bottomless pit of the serpent god and finds a sacred stone that holds the key to the oracle’s prophecies. But Dorian has designed an even more sinister fate for young Indy: she means to make him her lover, her priest, and her pawn in a plot to kill the king. Will Indy find the source of Pythia’s powers—or will he find himself sacrificed at Dorian’s altar, a victim of her deadly ambition and desire?

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A book by 31507

When Rob McGregor entered the University of Minnesota in the late 1960s, he planned to study archeology. But he majored in journalism and worked as a reporter and editor for a dozen years. However, his interest in ancient civilizations never left him, and in the intervals between works, on vacations he participated in archaeological research in Europe and North Africa, Mexico, Central and South America, studied ancient rock paintings in remote areas of the Amazon. The knowledge he gained there came in handy later when he wrote six novels about Indiana Jones for LucasFilm and Bantam Books. In the mid-1980s, Rob and his wife Trish (TJ) took up romance as freelancers for the magazine. Both authors were published within a few years. After finishing his first novel, The Crystal Skull, Rob created the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and wrote half a dozen more Indie novels, all about the 1920s. Later, he wrote two mystical works: The Rock of Prophecy, which won the Edgar Allan Poe prize in the youth category in 1996, and Moon of the Hawk, which was a finalist in the same competition the following year. By 2006, Rob had published 17 novels and 10 popular science books. He has collaborated with George Lucas, Peter Benchley and Billy Dee Williams. His books are popular science books devoted to the study of the far reaches of the mind and body. They include several books on dreams and their interpretation, divination and astrology, sixth sense and yoga. In addition to writing, Rob teaches yoga based on his own system called Astro Yoga.

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