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Dark Passage by Marcia Tully

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Hannah, her sisters and fourteen-year-old niece Julie set sail from Baltimore on a bonding cruise, and have a dramatic first night when Pia Fanucci, a bubbly bartender magician`s assistant whom Hannah befriends, narrowly escapes injury during an illusion. But while Pia may make light of the incident, it`s no laughing matter when Julie suddenly disappears. Has she gone overboard, or is she injured somewhere on the enormous ship?

To make matters worse, Hannah meets David Warren, a grieving father whose twenty-two-year-old daughter vanished without trace from an earlier cruise. With claims of a proper investigation proving to be an illusion too far, Hannah teams up with David and Pia in desperation. Can they see through the ship`s smoke and mirrors to reveal the identity of a dangerous sea-faring predator?

201 pages, published in
Marcia Tully

A book by Marcia Tully

Marcia Tully (born April 12, 1943) is an American writer, author of detective novels and short stories.

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