Unbreathed Memories Book

Unbreathed Memories by Marcia Tully

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Is the key to a therapist`s murder hidden away…in a patient`s mind?

Is a shrink`s death fall a Freudian slip?

Hannah Ives has every reason to mind her own business. Having survived a recent bout with breast cancer, she`s opting for reconstructive surgery and a fresh start. Her Annapolis home is decorated for better feng shui. Her parents are living close by. And her sister, Georgina, is finally getting help for recurring depression. Everything is coming up roses-until her sister`s therapist takes a nosedive off a balcony.

Now, with Georgina a prime suspect in the murder, Hannah needs to do some analysis of her own. A few pages torn from an appointment book may hold a crucial clue. And some bizarre memories from her sister`s past may point to a motive…if Hannah can keep a clear head and dare to enter the darkness of a killer`s twisted mind…

216 pages, published in
Marcia Tully

A book by Marcia Tully

Marcia Tully (born April 12, 1943) is an American writer, author of detective novels and short stories.

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