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Karl Schroeder (b.

1962), a native of Manitoba, moved to Toronto in 1986 to devote himself to literature. Schroeder comes from a Mennonite family and grew up in a religious community that has lived in Manitoba for over a century. It is interesting that A.E.

Van Vogt also belonged to the same community. Schroeder`s father was the community`s first television specialist, and his mother wrote two novels for women. “Since childhood, I was used to seeing my name on the spines of books, and it seemed quite natural to me,” Schroeder recalls. The writer actively moved in the circles of Canadian science fiction writers, his story “The Toy Mill”, co-authored with David Nickle, won the Aurora Prize, and later formed the basis for the novel “The Clous Effect ", 1997). Among other works by Schroeder, the novel "Ventus" ("Ventus", 2000) is a curious fusion of solid science fiction and fantasy. The author has non-trivial views on the very concept of fiction - Schroeder believes that it is necessary to write about plausible things: “In my opinion, science is nothing more than a servant of philosophy, therefore, philosophical ideas are paramount in my works. I admire the classics, say HG Wells, more than the modern authors, who may have more accurate scientific ideas. Wells writes how science helps us to understand what is beyond it.

" Some works are freely available on the author`s website www.kschroeder.com.

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