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In the world of the Laundry, there is One True Religion — and we know how to deal with cultists when we find them. When a prominent televangelist with connections to 10 Downing Street shows disturbing signs of being able to work miracles, it’s only natural for the Laundry, the secret service for dealing with occult threats, to take an interest. But there’s a fly in the ointment: the first rule of the secret services is, spying on the Prime Minister and their associates is forbidden. It’s time to send in the freelancers – except in the world of the Laundry, officially there’s no such thing…

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English writer Charles David George "Charlie" Stross was born in Leeds in 1964 and after graduating from university where he received his degree in computer science, he worked as a specialty, as well as (temporarily) a pharmacist and freelance journalist. Strauss made his debut in science fiction with the short story Boys (1987), and in the mid-90s he completely switched to literary creation, however, continuing, however, to write columns in the magazine "Computer Shopper" and other British computer periodicals. To date, Strauss has published 10 novels, including the Singular Sky dilogy - The Singular Sky (2003) and The Iron Sunrise (2004), the Trade Princes trilogy, and the single Accelerando novels (2005), "Glass House" (2006) and others. In addition, the writer is the author of more than three dozen stories, including co-written with Simon Ings and Corey Doctorow, the best of which have compiled the collections "Toast" (2002) and "Archive of Atrocities" (2004). Over the past two years, three of Strauss` short stories - The Lobsters (2001), The Troubadours (2001) and The Halos (2002) - have been nominated for the Hugo Prize, and the first time an English writer won this top prize in 2005 for his story “ Concrete Jungle "(2004). He currently resides in Edinburgh.

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