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Stephen King hailed Michael Marshall`s novel Straw Men as “a masterpiece . . . brilliantly written and scary as hell.” Now, Marshall returns with this latest unnerving tale—a creepy, fast-paced thriller that grips you from the first page straight through to its shocking end.

Bill Moore already has a lot, but he wants more . . . much more.

He`s got a lucrative job selling condos in the Florida Keys, a successful wife, a good marriage, a beautiful house. He also has a five-year plan for supersuccess, but that plan has begun to drag into its sixth year without reaping its intended rewards. So now Bill`s starting to mix it up—just a little—to accelerate his way into the future that he knows he deserves.

Then one morning Bill arrives at work to find a card waiting for him, with no indication who it`s from or why it was sent. Its message is just one word: modified.

From that moment on, Bill`s life begins to change.

At first, nothing...

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Michael Marshall Smith Printed as - Michael Marshall , MM Smith . An English writer who successfully works at the intersection of several genres - horror, science fiction and psychological prose. Born in 1965 in Knutsford (Cheshire, UK). When he was about a year old, the family moved to the United States (first to Illinois, then to Florida), then the Smiths lived in South Africa and Australia, and in 1973 they finally moved to England. Education, received at a private school in Essex, Michael Marshall Smith continued in Cambridge, where he studied (and later taught) philosophy and socio-political sciences at King`s College. During his studies, he became a member of the comedy revue Cambridge Footlights and subsequently ended up on BBC radio, where he wrote and appeared on comedy programs. He worked as an artist-designer for several years. In 1990, Michael Marshall Smith made his literary debut with The Man Who Drew Cats, which won the British Fantasy Prize the following year. His first novel, Only Forward, won the August Derleth Prize in 1995 and the Philip K.

Dick Prize in 2001. The action takes place in a certain monstrous City of the future, spread over the territory of an entire state and divided into zones, each of which is unlike the others. In this orderly chaos, the protagonist seeks the missing person, and ultimately himself ...

The book is now considered a classic of modern SF - among its fans are such writers as Christopher Fowler, Clive Barker and M.

John Harrison. For the latter, "Only Forward" is even included in the top ten favorite books. In 1996, the writer`s second novel, Spares, was released, and Steven Spielberg`s Dreamworks immediately acquired the rights to film it, but the film was never shot. In the story, Jack Randall, battered by the life of a soldier, gets a job on a farm where human clones are raised - for organs, or "spare parts" for the rich and famous. Gradually, Jack realizes that his charges are people with feelings, not silent brutes, and decides to take a desperate step ...

In 2001, Michael Marshall Smith had an alter ego: the novel "The Straw People", which opened the cycle of the same name, came out under the pseudonym Michael Marshall. Now, like Ian (M.) Banks, Smith, under his full name, creates in fantastic genres (horror, SF), under the abbreviated one he writes action thrillers. At the same time, Marshall`s novel The Intruders, released in 2007, already contains elements of fiction. Smith`s stories, which he continues to write to this day, have repeatedly been included in prestigious anthologies - Best New Horrors (compiled by Stephen Jones), Best of the Year (compiled by Ellen Dutlow and Terry Windling), and so on. His author`s collections - "What You Make It" (1999) and the more complete "More Tomorrow & Other Stories" (2003) are regularly reissued. When asked what attracts him as a writer in the genre of horror and thriller, Michael Marshall Smith replies: “To be honest, I do not understand why people write anything else. In these genres, you can create intense, exciting works, balancing on a thin line between the real and the otherworldly, you can endlessly explore the darkest (and most important) corners of the human soul - and at the same time describe everyday life with the same fullness and depth as in any other genre. So why not? I tried myself in other genres, but each time my fingers got lost on the "dark" course after a few pages. And, in truth, I have not resisted such impulses for a long time.

" At the same time, Smith stresses: "I never thought that one should strictly adhere to the boundaries of any particular genre." Michael Marshall Smith has more than once become a nominee and laureate of various awards - in addition to those already mentioned, this is the World Fantasy Award, the International Horror Guild Award, etc.

Based on "The Crashers", a television series is being filmed on the BBC. Smith himself actively works as a screenwriter, adapting works by other authors (for example, Stephen King`s short story "Mrs.

Todd`s Shortcut") and his own for film. The writer lives in London with his wife Paula, son and two cats (by the way, Smith`s love for cats resulted in 2001 in a small collection of "Cat Stories"). The cycle "Straw People" (Eksmo, "Top Detective" series), consisting of three novels, has been published in full in Russian. Individual stories by Michael Marshall Smith have been published in translated anthologies - Tail Feint, 999, Best of the Year 2005, Vampires, Werewolves, and Monsters. Before the crisis, the publishing house "Arabesque", which is part of the publishing group AST, was preparing to release the writer`s debut novel, "Only Forward," but now the fate of the Russian edition is unknown.  Science fiction laboratory , The Michael Marshall Smith Web Site , Wikipedia .  Bibliography as Michael Marshall - Michael Marshall Series Straw Men - Straw Men 2001 - 1.

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