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Richard Matheson

A book by Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson (English Richard Burton Matheson ) (20.02.1926 - 24.06.2013) American writer and screenwriter working in the genres of fantasy , horror and science fiction. Matheson was born on February 20, 1926 in Allendale, New Jersey, to immigrants from Norway, and grew up in Brooklyn, where he graduated from Tech School in 1943. Matheson began writing as a child - his stories and poems were published in the local newspaper. After entering the military, he became an infantryman in World War II (which he would later write about in his autobiographical novel The Beardless Warriors, 1960). In 1949 he received his BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri. Having read fairy tales and fantastic stories as a child, he realized his dream of becoming a professional writer - in 1950 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, his first fantastic story about a mutant child with unnatural vocabulary, Born of Man and Woman (translated as "Born Man and Woman" and "Born by Men"), and in 1954 a whole collection of his stories will be published under the same title. In fairness, he wrote stories at the age of eight, and began to publish in childhood - several of his stories and poems were published in the newspaper "Brooklyn Eagle". Matheson once admitted that as a father of four children (he married in 1952), he would not write such a story as "Born by Men" now. After moving to California in 1951, he soon turned to writing stories full of chilling horror, mysticism, fantasy ("White Silk Dress", "Drink My Blood", "Witch`s War", 1951; "Mad House", "Corresponding to the Crime" , 1952; "House of Massacre", "Wet Straw", 1953, etc.). He also does not shun the detective genre - in 1953 his novels "Fury on Sunday" and "Someone Is Bleeding" were published. Some of Matheson`s stories have original ending (sketches "Third from the Sun", 1950); Deadline, 1959 and Button, Button, 1970), others scrutinize the characters` characters (Trespass, 1953; Being, 1954 and Dumb, 1962), others are permeated with satire on genre clichés (The Funeral ", 1955 and" The Doll that Does Everything ", 1954). In 1954, "I Am Legend" appears, his classic novel about the pandemic of vampirism caused by the spread of the virus and about the last person in a world composed entirely of vampires. "Legend" appeared under the impression of the film about the vampire Dracula, in which Bela Lugosi played the main role, and Matheson said to himself: what if instead of one vampire there will be a whole world ?! The novel "I Am Legend" was filmed four times ("The Last Man on Earth", 1964; "Omega Man", 1971; "I Am Omega", 2007; "I Am Legend", 2007), and not only glorified the author, but also spawned a whole series of works about vampires by different authors in the 70s. No less fame brought Matheson and the screened novel "The Shrinking Man" (1957, "The Shrinking Man", another name - "The Way Down"). Having reduced to the size of a cucumber under the influence of radioactive fallout, the hero of the novel is forced to fight with his own cat, spiders, which have become a formidable force for him. In the late 50s, Matheson became a screenwriter for the American International Pictures film company, which made a significant contribution to the development of horror films - Richard adapts a number of works by Edgar Poe (scripts "The Fall of the House of Usher", 1960; "The Well and the Pendulum", 1961; "Horror Stories", 1962 and The Raven, 1963). Working on the works of Edgar Poe, Richard introduced comic notes into the scripts, and turned "The Crow" into a sparkling comedy. In 1962, together with Charles Beaumont, he wrote the screenplay based on Fritz Leiber`s novel "The Witch" ("Night of the Eagle" in England and "Burn, witch, burn" in the USA). Matheson turns to the work of Jules Verne and writes screenplays for films on the basis of his two novels "The Creator of the World" and "Robur the Conqueror". Brilliant stories by Matheson are published in five collections (1961-1970) of the series "Shock" ("Crickets", "First Anniversary", 1960; "Girl of My Dreams", "Ah, that Julia!", 1963; "Booty", 1969; and many others). Most of his stories (86 works), he combined into the collection "Collected stories of Richard Matheson" (1989). In 1986, all the scripts written by Matheson for the Twilight Zone series were published as a separate book. In 1971, the film "Duel" was released, directed by Steven Spielberg. The script drew on Matheson`s personal experience, when he and a friend, returning along a deserted road after playing golf, were chased for a long time by a heavy truck, whose paranoid driver turned the usual ride into a life-and-death duel. In 1972, Matheson adapted Jeff Rice`s novel The Night Stalker for the movie, in 1973 his own novel Hell`s House for The Legend of Hell`s House, in 1975 he created the Trilogy of Terror, and in 1980 appears "Somewhere in Time". Matheson has regularly written screenplays for the television series The Twilight Zone, including the acclaimed series A Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Invaders, Steel and others. In 1986, Matheson published all his scripts for this series as a separate book. Matheson has been published frequently, and holds the record for the number of variations of his last name (Matson, Mathson, Matheson) on book covers. In the 1990s, Matheson is still in the saddle - he publishes a series of Western books ("Journal of the Gun Years", "The Gun Fight", "By the Gun"). In 1998, based on his novel "What Dreams May Come", the film "Where Dreams May Come" was shot with Robin Williams in the title role, and in 1999 another film adaptation - "Echo Sound" followed. The next novels of the master are published ("Abu and the 7 Marvels" and "Hunted Past Reason", 2002; "Come Fygures, Come Shadowes", 2003). To top it off, we note that three of his four children (Chris, Richard Christian and Ali) followed in their father`s footsteps and became writers and screenwriters. His father`s namesake is best known, Richard Christian Matheson, which adds to the confusion when discussing authorship of works. Together they wrote the story "Where there is desire" (1980). Matheson still holds the pen tightly in his hands (The Link, 2006). [u] 25.06.13 [/ u] American science fiction writer Richard Matheson died at the age of 88. He died at his home in Calabas, California, the Hollywood Reporter reports, citing the Writers Guild of America. Bibliography - Wikipedia , Wikipedia , IMDb .

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