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After the bloody battle of Colden Moor the warlike highlanders had lost their independence. They lived in surly subservience to the Outlanders, and only a teenage girl survived to represent the line of kings: Sigarni. Sigarni the silver-haired. Huntress, whore, princess. All of these she was called. But those who pierce the veil of the future knew that a leader was coming to the North - a leader descended from Ironhand, mightiest of the highland kings.

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Biography: David Gemmel (Gemmell, David A.) - English writer, king of modern heroic fantasy. Born in London in 1948. At the age of 16, he was expelled from school for organizing gambling, then worked as a digger during the day and as a bouncer in a nightclub in Soho (London area) at night. From the age of 18 he took up his mind and worked first as a trainee, and then as a reporter for the London newspapers "Daily Mail", "Daily Mirror" and "Daily Express". He debuted in literature with the novel "The King Beyond The Gate" in 1985 (published in Russia under the title "King of the Stone Gates"), laying one of the most successful fantasy cycles both in his work and in all this direction. Since 1986 he has been a professional writer. Gemmel is the author of both several cycles (Drenai, Riganta, Yon Shennou ...) and individual works, at the end of which a loophole is always left, so that they grow into no less complete and fascinating sagas ("Dark Moon ) ”,“ Echoes Of The Great Song ”...). Several novels are written in the genre of the so-called "alternative history": "Ghost King" and "Last Sword Of Power" - an original adaptation of the story of King Arthur; "Lion Of Macedon" and "Dark Prince" - the action takes place in an alternative ancient Greece. In the work of David Gemmel, not only is a brilliant master of describing battle scenes, which is undoubtedly one of his strongest qualities, but also can famously twist the plot, unexpected turns of which keep the reader in constant tension and anticipation of the original denouement, which is almost impossible to predict. His attention to the smallest details of the plot, when almost every event leads to some kind of consequences and with special care the characters, history and appearance of even the most insignificant characters help to immerse himself in the worlds created by the writer, headlong, and relentlessly follow his flight fantasy. At first, the shocking mountains of corpses and blood in almost all of his novels are balanced by the nobility and purity of the goodies, whose actions and motives turn the world upside down and once again prevent evil from gaining the upper hand. The leashes of the heroes of Gemmel are breathtaking, and this is not necessarily a mountain of muscles with an ax (although there are some), but it can be either a simple peasant or a priest who, in the face of danger, exhibit the best human qualities. Therefore, after all, the main message of all the works of Gemmel is the victory of light over darkness, despite all the atrocities described by him, which sometimes frighten off some readers. Gemmel died on the morning of July 28, 2006 from coronary disease. His wife, Stella Gemmell, found him at the computer while he was working on the final volume of the Trojan trilogy, Fall of Kings. The novel was completed by the widow of Gemmel (in particular, the image of the siege of Troy) in 2007. © Worlds of David Gemmel Bibliography: Drenai Cycle Waylander 1) Waylander (1986) 2) In the Realm of the Wolf (1992) 3) Hero in the Shadows (2000) Druss 1) The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend (1993) 2) Legend (1984) 3) The Legend of Deathwalker (1996) Skilgannon the Damned 1) White Wolf (2003) 2) The Swords of Night and Day (2004) The King Beyond the Gate (1985) Quest for Lost Heroes (1990) Great Winter Warriors (1993) Stones of Power Ghost King (1988) Last Sword of Power (1988) Lion of Macedon Lion of Macedon (1990) Dark Prince (1991) Jon Shannow Wolf in Shadow (1987) The Last Guardian (1989) Bloodstone (1994) Rigants / Rigante Sword in the Storm (1998) The Midnight Falcon (1999) Ravenheart (2001) Rider of the Storm / Stormrider (2002) Troy / Troy Lord of the Silver Bow / Lord of the Silver Bow (2005) The Shield of Thunder (2006) Fall Of Kings (2007) Queen of the Hawks / Hawk Queen Daughter of the Mountain King / The Ironhand & # 039; s Daughter (1995) The Hawk Eternal (1995) Extra-serial works Knights of Dark Renown Echoes of the Great Song Dark Moon White Knight, Black Swan The Lost Crown Morning Star

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