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Untimely Death by Cyril Hare

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Francis Pettigrew`s holiday turns to nightmare when he stumbles across a body on Boulter`s Tussock – a rather alarming body at that, given to vanishing and reappearing in unexpected places.

125 pages, published in
Cyril Hare

A book by Cyril Hare

Cyril Hare (Hare, Cyril Hare , real name - Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark , Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark) September 4, 1900, Mickleham, Surrey - 25 August 1958, Mickleham, Surrey British judge and writer. Born September 4, 1900 in England near Dorking. Educated at Oxford. All his life he worked in court, dealing mainly with criminal cases. His rich legal experience served him well: his novels are characterized by attention to legal proceedings, a thorough knowledge of legal subtleties and a skillful reproduction of the atmosphere of the court, giving them greater reliability. The books are created in the style of an intellectual detective. Wrote 10 novels (the last one is not edited) and a collection of short stories. His books are usually set in the richest part of the English middle class, to which the writer himself belonged.  Detective. Declaration of love , Wikipedia .  Bibliography Series Inspector Mallett 1937 - Tenant for Death - Tenant for Death (Tenant ) 1938 - Death is No Sportsman - Death is not a gambler 1939 - Suicide Excepted - Suicide is ruled out (Presumed suicide) Inspector Mallett and Francis Pettigrew 1942 - Tragedy at Law - Tragedy of the law 1958 - He Should Have Died Hereafter (aka Untimely Death) - Timely death Francis Pettigrew 1946 - With a Bare Bodkin - With a simple clerical awl (Only one paper clip) 1949 - When the Wind Blows (aka The Wind Blows Death) - When the wind blows (Death plays, When the wind hits death) 1954 - That Yew Tree`s Shade (aka Death Walks the Woods) - Death under the yews (Death walks through the forest) Novels 1951 - An English Murder ( aka The Christmas Murder) - Pure English Murder 2008 - The Magic Bottle Storybook Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare (aka Among Friends And Oth er Detective Stories) - posthumously ed. Michael Gilbert. (30 Stories)

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