Lisey`s Story Book

Lisey`s Story by Stephen King

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506 pages, published in
Stephen King

A book by Stephen King

Stephen King (Stephen King; September 21, 1947, Portland, USA) - American writer, works in the genres: horror, thriller, fantasy, mysticism. Acclaimed "king of horror". * Richard Bachman. Under this name, King wrote The Fury, The Long Walk, Roadworks, The Running Man, Losing Weight, and The Regulators. * John Swithen - Used for stories only. - The site, which contains the most diverse information about the life and work of Stephen King - - The unofficial Russian site of the writer - - The official site of the author (in English) - ================================= For 30 years career Stephen King has published over 50 novels, which have been published worldwide with a total circulation of over 350 million copies.

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