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Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley

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Alan Bradley

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Alan Bradley (English Alan Bradley ) Canadian writer, journalist, screenwriter. Born in 1938 in Toronto and raised in Coburg, Ontario. Educated in electronics, Alan worked at numerous radio and television stations in Ontario, at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (now Ryerson University) in Toronto, and then became Technical Television Director at the University of Saskatchewan Media Center, where he then worked for 25 years before how to retire early in 1994. Bradley was the first president of the Saskatoon Writers Society, and a founding member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. His children`s stories were published in the Canadian Children`s Yearbook, and his short story, Meet Miss Mullen, was the first to win the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Award for Children`s Literature. For many years, Alan has regularly taught screenwriting and television production courses at the University of Saskatchewan. His fiction has been published in literary magazines, and he has lectured in schools and galleries in the Harbourfront district, which is on the north shore of Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto. His stories were broadcast on CBC Radio, and his characters and humor appeared in The Globe and Mail and The National Post. Alan Bradley also became a founding member of the Saskatoon Journal, a society that researches the letters of Sherlock Holmes. There, he met the late Dr.

William AS Sarjeant, whom he assisted in the work on Mrs.

Holmes of Baker Street (1989). This book put forward the startling theory that the Great Detective was a woman. In retirement, Bradley began writing heavily, his next work was The Shoebox Bible, published in 2006. In this biographical narrative, Bradley tells the story of his youth in Southern Ontario, and creates a vivid portrait of his mother, a strong and inspired woman who struggled to raise three children on her own in difficult times. In July 2007, Bradley received the Debutant Dagger Award from the British Crime Writers` Association for the detective-adventure novel Sweetness on the Crust of the Pie. This award drew international attention to Bradley`s fiction debut. Translation rights have been sold to 29 countries, and the book has been published in 33 countries worldwide. In 2009, the book entered the top ten in the genre of mysticism and thriller, and in July it became the No.

1 book in the list of Best Fiction of the online store AMAZON.com. Alan Bradley currently lives in Malta with his wife Shirley and two cats. Author`s site http://alanbradleyauthor.com Bibliography Series Flavia de Luce Mystery [/ b ] - Riddles of Flavia de Luz (Secrets of Buckshaw) 2009 - 1.

The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie - Sweetness on the crust of the pie 2010 - 2.

The Weed That Strings the Hangman`s Bag - Weed wrapped around the bag executioner 2010 - 3.

A Red Herring Without Mustard - Smoked herring without mustard 2011 - 4.

I Am Half Sick of Shadows - Oh, I`m sick of ghosts 2013 - 5.

Speaking from Among the Bones - I speak from the tomb 2014 - 6.

The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches - Here the dead under the vault sleep 2014 - 6.5. The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse - The Copper Dead Manuscript 2015 - 7.

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust - Ash and Pheasant Sandwich 2016 - 8.

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew`d - The Flavia de Luce 3-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2012) The Flavia de Luce 4-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2013) The Flavia de Luce 5-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2014) The Flavia de Luce Series 6-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2015) Non fiction 1980 - Ms. Holmes of Baker Street: The Truth About Sherlock (with William AS Sarjeant) - Miss Holmes in Baker Street 2006 - The Shoebox Bible - Shoebox Bible

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