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Bv larson

A book by Bv larson

BV Larson B.V. Larson is the author of over 20 bestselling novels, two of which have made it to the Amazon / Kindle Top 100. The writer works in several genres, most of his novels are fantasy, but they range from military fiction to epic fantasy and paranormal novels. Since BW Larson is a California native, his stories often take place on sun-drenched beaches and in cities like Las Vegas. Larson has three children at home and is currently a college teacher. Along with fiction, he also writes textbooks for colleges. Additional information about this author can be found on his website: BV Larson about himself: “I have lived most of my life in California and Nevada.

As a result, my stories unfold on sunny beaches and in such cities like Las Vegas Some people ask me about the fact that Las Vegas is often the scene of action in my books.

I find it a fascinating and unique city.

(And yes, I got married in Nevada.) About my marriage: we met in college and now we have three children.

My children definitely have an impact on my work.

I try to write in such a way that I would not be ashamed if they read my work when they grow up.

I usually manage to reach this bar.

Readers ask me about that I write in different genres.

It is true that many authors choose a genre or a theme and calmly develop it throughout their careers.

But I have been blessed (or cursed, from which side) to enjoy many wom shades of genres of fiction. I was also gifted with a thirst to write in several genres of fiction. I hope that everyone will find something to their liking in the zoo of my stories.

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