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When published in 1967, Rosemary`s Baby was one of the first contemporary horror novels to become a national bestseller. Ira Levin`s second novel (he went on to write such fine thrillers as A Kiss Before Dying, The Stepford Wives, and The Boys from Brazil), Rosemary`s Baby, remains perhaps his best work. The author`s mainstream "this is how it really happened" style undeniably also made the novel his most widely imitated. The plot line is deceptively simple: What if you were a happily married young woman, living in New York, and one day you awoke to find yourself pregnant? And what if your loving husband had-apparently-sold your soul to Satan? And now you were beginning to believe that your unborn child was, in reality, the son of Satan? Levin subtly makes it all totally plausible, unless of course, dear Rosemary-or the reader-can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality! A wonderfully chilling novel, it was later faithfully transformed into an equally unnerving motion picture

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Ira Levin August 27, 1929 - November 12, 2007 An American author who has distinguished himself in many fields of literature. When the boy was 13 years old, the family moved to the prestigious area of ​​the city - Manhattan. A.

Levin`s father - Charles Levin - was a successful toy dealer. He longed for his son to follow in his footsteps. However, the boy was not at all interested in commerce. He loved to read detective stories, as well as stories about magic and witchcraft. As a teenager, Ira Levin began to collect books on everything mysterious and mystical. At about 12 years old A.

Levin became interested in theater, and this passion continued until his death. After leaving school, Levin studied at Drake University, then at New York University. He completed his studies in 1950 with a bachelor`s degree in two disciplines. After studying at two universities (specialization - philosophy and English) and serving in the army, he wrote his famous book "The Kiss Before Death", which was awarded the Edgar Poe award for best debut. Subsequently, the film was filmed, as well as another novel by the writer - Rosemary`s Baby (directed by Roman Polanski), which has become a classic of horror films. In 1997, the sequel to this novel, Rosemary`s Son, was released. For films based on the works of Ira Levin, it is characteristic that they are not literal transcriptions of his novels. The author has always believed that "it is better to do something other than just rewrite what has already been created." Levin is known as the author of comedies and musicals, he wrote several science fiction novels and the spy thriller Boys from Brazil. The production of his thriller "Death Trap" became the longest-running show in Broadway history and received a special award from the American Detective Writers Association. He was married twice, three sons and three grandchildren. In 1949, the television channel CBS released the television play The Old Woman. She became the debut of the young author. This is the story of how the grand-nephew and nurse of a 103-year-old woman planned to kill her and how the old lady managed to outwit the intruders. At the end of 1953, Levin was drafted into the army, where he wrote many scripts for educational films. In 1955, Levin made a stage adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Mac Haimon "No Time for Sergeants" (the play withstood 796 performances), later a teleplay was staged based on it. Levin`s first novel is the thriller Kiss Dying (1953). The novel consists of three parts, in each of which the speech is conducted on behalf of another character. Kiss Kiss was filmed twice: in 1956 and in 1991.

In 1967, Ira Levin created his most famous novel, Rosemary`s Baby, about a young woman who against her will carried and gave birth to Satan`s child. When this novel was being written, Levin`s then wife - Gabrielle Aronson - was pregnant, and Levin would not allow his wife to read the book until their child was born. More than 5 million copies of Rosemary`s Baby have been sold in the US alone. The novel has also been translated into many languages. In the novel The Stepford Wives (1972), the women of the American town are replaced by robots indistinguishable from them. This novel was also filmed twice, staged on television, and later two sequels were released. A.

Levin`s play "The Trap" (a comedy thriller) was shown on Broadway for four years, later it was also filmed. In the novel "Boys from Brazil" we are talking about the Nazis who took refuge in Brazil, whose plans include the cloning of Hitler.  Detective. Declaration of love , Ira Levin , IMDb .  Bibliography Series Rosemary 1967 - Rosemary`s baby - Rosemary`s baby 1997 - Son of Rosemary - Son of Rosemary Novels 1953 - A kiss before dying - Kiss before dying (Kiss before death) 1970 - This perfect day - This perfect day (The best day) 1972 - The Stepford wives - Stepford wives 1976 - The boys from Brazil - Boys from Brazil (Boys from Brazil) 1991 - Sliver - Sliver Omnibus 1981 - Nightmares Collections 1985 - Three by Ira Levin: Rosemary`s Baby; This Perfect Day; The Stepford Wives Plays 1956 - No Time For Sergeants 1958 - Interlock 1962 - Critic`s Choice 1968 - Dr. Cook`s Garden 1974 - Veronica`s Room 1979 - Deathtrap 1981 - Break a Leg: A Comedy in Two Acts 1982 - Cantorial 1998 - General Seeger Anthologies containing stories by Ira Levin 1995 - Angels of Darkness Short stories 1955 - Sylvia Books about Ira Levin 1979 - Gerald E.

Forshey. Rosemary`s Baby, the Exorcist, the Omen: The Negative Quest for Faith

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